BTB still doesn’t work!

BTB still doesn’t work!!!


Not working for me either


What’s not working? it works fine for me.

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if ya’ll mean that the BTB playlist keeps kicking out to menu and saying “disconnected from server” I keep getting the same issue for some reason… I don’t know why but on Steam/windows 10, xbox services keeps getting blocked, despite me checking it until it says open and then starting the game again… I’m gonna test and see if it’s just the BTB playlist, as that would kinda suck…


i have that issue sometimes…

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It kicks out me and my friends during the loading screen

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Wierd, I play it alone with little issue…

idk man, some funny stuff has been happening today for some reason… I joined a regular QP match with no issues, but for some weird reason the game refuses to let me into a BTB match without disconnecting me before the match starts, I’ve tried restarting my PC and force closing the game several times, maybe it’s a server issue or maybe it’s on my end somehow, idk…


Well the netcode seems to be an issue i this game as well many people have reported stuttering and other issues so this could also be a netcode issue.

It’s the game and it’s BTB specifically. Since yesterday it’s very difficult to get in a game, although not impossible. I hope they know about this already. The whole website seems to fall on deaf ears. Now maybe if a big Youtuber would talk about it…


I think I figured it out. If you’re using the Xbox app on PC, you have to click the three dots and uncheck the campaign and possibly high textures boxes. This worked for me.

Thanks for the advice but I’m on Series X

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I’m just wondering when they are going to fix this. It’s been busted since they did backend work on the game the other day.

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I am also having an issue with BTB connectivity. A work around I found was having a friend join a BTB lobby getting into the loading screen and then joining on them. I got it to work once but I didnt have a HUD for the whole match and I couldn’t open the menu.

I would take no HUD for a whole match at this point if I could consistently get into matches.

Yeah its been messed up since yesterday. Ive gotten two games all day . One game only six people in it. I guess we can look forward to ten years of every update breaking something like what happened in H5. I sent in a support ticket too with a video but havent heard from them yet.

Been like that the last couple days for me. I reset my modem and router and actually was able to play after that.

Edit; Apparently I lied, it’s still hot garbage

The fix that occasionally works for me is what I heard from another person on here. Go offline in your Xbox Network Settings and then go back online, then try again. Still sucks to have to do that.

Just got two challenges in a match I actually got into just for it to DC me. I don’t even know why I give this game any time at this point.

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Yeah having the same Issue I am on steam… trying to figure it out.

The thing is I have 3 times been put into comp 2v2 as a spectator while qued for BTB.