BTB Social Issues

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues trying to play BTB Social? Twice today when trying to load into a game it got stuck on the loading screen until it finally timed out and booted me, then the games I could get in to I could tell there was a noticeable stutter when running and doing other movements in the game and to top it off I had the game crash on me for the first time in the middle of a match. I know from what I have read that crashes happen more often to PC players but being on a Series X I was surprised that it just up and crashed on me. Also all my stutter games were below 40 ping. What is going on with this mode?


Trying to join BTB games have always been inconsistent (heck it was just straight up broken for a month). Most the time it works but I still get those infinite loads/timeouts occasionally.

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Loading 24 players into one game is a new experience and add on the challenges of online service. It’s tricky.

(After typing the below out, I think I realised what you’re doing :sweat_smile:).

H5 Warzone ran 24 players + AI + tracked an in game leveling system + on demand menu inventory interaction. On a previous gen console.

We’re asking Infinite to do substantially less and getting substantially worse results imo

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