Btb social critical points

I honestly think that the btb playlist game mode selections need to be reworked, as nobody that plays the normal btb playlist thinks that skockets should be included, if it’s also going to be in the social playlist

I think skockets should stay in social, removed from the standard playlist and implement feista into btb. Like come on 343 it’s been a year and 1 map has been added to the normal btb playlist, it’s gotten very very stale by this point that the whole damn bread factory is moldy. Instead of having fiesta appear once every 2 months (heavily sectioning off a bunch of gamemodes from the everyday players mind you) but playing the same four gamemodes on the same four maps is getting ridiculous when you can very very easily double the playlist size and make it feel like there is more variety

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Remove stockpile while they’re at it, lets get some one flag, assault and territories on the go.

It’s strange how 343i constantly fail to add staple BTB game modes.

Yes Skrockets & stockpile need removed from standard BTB.
Put skrockets into social.
And stockpile just get rid of forever, everytime SP comes up you end up with half a team afk cos nobody wants to play it.

Stockpile can be fun. But its rare because the only time it is, is when both teams are actually playing the objective.

I remember one core match memory of stockpile on Highpower where the fight was clutch 2-2 and the batteries were on the enemy side, and I barely defended against them slotting in one more in their terminal to win, as my team snatched five all the way back to our terminal.

That was something that barely ever happens.

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