BTB skill based matchmaking...

Just played my first 2 games of BTB. Both games half of my team had like 3 kills 15 deaths, which made the half decent players on my team quit early. All the while the other team have like 4 guys going 20-4. Im sick of playing with people that suck so much to the point it makes the other guys quit out on me. I lost both of those games and and my playlist rank is forever going down. This is why rank should be based on individual skill not win/loss.

No it should be a combination… or it becomes like Reach where the individual player doesn’t give a darn about winning and only cares about padding their stats.

yeah a combo would be nice. I don’t like the win only rank up because of being stuck with terrible players that get a 1-13 how are you supposed to pick up that slack. or being stuck on a team with all unranked player while the other team has three guys ranked above you by two levels and one one guy one level above you. that’s terrible.

I will. Come back in a day when the pros are gone, dont spawnkill and use partys to destroy everyone those ruin it for everyone else, ruining k,ds across the world.

I thought it was based on both. It just seems more weighted toward wins/losses. At least it is statistically based, you have to play a bunch of games to get ranked with similar players.

The first 10 games of any mode will always be a bit rough because you have a mix of everyone ranging from new players to pros. Get those first 10 games out of the way and it gets a lot better once you obtain your rank.

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