BTB situation is pathetic!

So BTB is still broken and 343i wont do anything about it before holidays. This halo infinite multiplayer dumpster fire reached levels of Battlefield. Gj 343i you had a game with solid foundation = gameplay. But u ruined it with your lack of quality even though you postponed it for one year. This is just pathetic. Things like AAA-Developer have no meaning today. It seems like it is more of a curse word than a quality seal.

And yeah yeah fandboys, I know, just a beta. They sell stuff in the store =/ beta. Get over it.

It is unbelievable with what lousy and crappy products you can get away with in the gaming industry. In almost every other industry you will go bankrupt or even getting sued.

PS: I hate to be that negative, because I love Halo, but 80% of the actions of 343i/ M $ make me feel that negatively.

  1. It’s no longer a beta.
  2. People are all pissed that BTB is broken af.
  3. We really have to give the devs rest. They mentioned they will work on it. Let’s leave it at that for now and play other things. Whether or not they care about their players will depend on how fast they get things back in order after their rest.
  4. Play MCC. Lots of fun times here.