BtB Seeks UK and Australian Gamers!

Battle Company and Chosen Company of Be the Bullet are our European Company and Australian/New Zealand Company (respectively).

We have just opened Chosen Company and only have 2 members (both of them are very active players).
Battle is a little better off but not nearly where we would like to see it. It boasts an active member base of 5 members, (again not even close to where we would like to see it).

With Halo 4 just 2 months away, Be the Bullet wants to have an established player base in each of our 3 Companies (Able, Battle, and Chosen) to hop into 4 ready to fight!

Be the Bullet is a competitive gaming clan, while we haven’t had a whole lot of matches so far (Just 2 but we are 2-0 for those concerned about such things), we are looking to build up our competitive base to compete in a few more matches before we call it quits in Reach, and be ready to hit the ground running come November 6th.

Right now, we are focusing on recruiting and training (fundamentals such as DMR proficiency, Sniper proficiency, map call outs, basic tactics and strategies (CTF, Slayer, Map control, spawn control, etc).

Be the Bullet plays almost any game type casually. However for practices and competitive game play we are focusing on, Slayer Pro, MLG, and Objective. We prefer Pro, since we get DMR starts.

If anyone is interested in joining or finding out more about Be the Bullet, be it Australians, Europeans or Americans/Canadians please do not hesitate to visit our website,