BTB playlist neutral flag. Thoughts?

Anyone have any thoughts on this gametype? To me it just doesn’t work, half the map isn’t used as people just run halfway through the map grab their flag and return it to their base. I often find myself getting frustrated as after players retrieve the flag it becomes very difficult to stop him/her (particularly on Ragnarok due to the mantises) meaning that games end up turning into whoever reaches the flag first wins. There’s almost no contest. What are your thoughts? Apologies in advance for any spelling errors I’m on a mobile device.

If the first team to the first flag is able to secure a win purely off of that you aren’t playing Neutral Flag very well. Who cares if they get first point? Controlling the flag spawn is what matters.

I prefer regular flag game types. Not particularly a fan of neutral flag.

One trick is the guy with the flag doesn’t score but waits right next to it, until he can see his team has control of the flag spawn.

But, yeah, I have often seen the situation you describe.

Neutral Flag has an odd and unintuitive strategy. The trick is to not score the flag until your team has control of the flag spawn. Once your team controls the flag spawn, the flag carrier captures the flag and the team immediately picks up the flag for the next spawn. Problems arise because:

[/li]- Neutral Flag was designed to be played in rounds. The gametype is supposed to be one big tug-of-war, and when one team scores, everything is reset and the players try again. The gametype will always be somewhat broken and unintuitive because it lacks this essential feature.

  • Players are incompetent or unwilling to learn. For example, when the flag carrier is sitting at the base with the flag waiting for his team to control the flag spawn before he captures the flag, instead of waiting to see if there’s a legitimate purpose for this, many players will attempt to betray the flag carrier because they think he’s trolling.