BTB Needs JIP If It Wants to Survive

I am sick and tired of playing in matches where it goes from eight v eight to five v seven. You can’t tell someone they enjoy playing games with that matchup and expect someone to believe you. BTB needs JIP back otherwise it’s going to see a major population drop down the line. I don’t care what the competitive crowd says about ranked playlists having JIP (BTB shouldn’t even be ranked IMO), I don’t care that you are joining on a loosing team, it needs JIP.

There’s two simple fixes 343i needs to do and that’s make it so that joining a game and loosing the match does not count towards your rank like Titanfall does and make it so you don’t join in a match after a certain amount of time, which I think should be no more than five minutes. This way you join a game that’s still rather early on in the match and if it’s an objective game like CTF or Strongholds and the enemy is about to win, you don’t have to worry about your rank decreasing.

ummmm… it does have JIP

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> ummmm… it does have JIP

No it doesn’t, they removed it on Friday.

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> > 2533274870852232;2:
> > ummmm… it does have JIP
> No it doesn’t, they removed it on Friday.

Just figured that out. And that does suck.

Then it needs to be unranked. You can’t have it both ways.

Yeah they need it badly. I don’t think any of my 10+ games last night ended with 8v8.

I know the problem will never go away, but why are people such sourpusses. I mean if your stove catches fire by all means quit the game. But that isn’t the reason most people always quit.

I agree, it needs to have JiP reenabled. All the whiners saying ‘But its ranked’ need to come to grips no one’s gonna judge how skilled you are in a big team battles. Play Team Slayers if you’re gonna -Yoink!- about ranks.