BTB needs a BR start

BTB needs to start being BTB. Right now the vehicle selection is terrible, the maps are too small, and obj mode stockpile is over far too quickly


What’s fun about it? It’s absolute shambles and completely unbalanced without everyone soaring with a precision weapon. That’s why bungie did it and that’s why they didn’t change it. Not to mention, the maps are massive and you cannot do anything without a BR anyways, considering the rest of the precision weapons really aren’t up to scratch.


How much Reach BTB did you play? Precision spawns = balanced gameplay, that’s why bungie did it and that’s why Halo was the giant that it previously was.

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It’s boring right now when no one can get more than 20 kills in a game. You get sprayed by ARs because they’re too good at their job. BRs mean balanced gameplay.

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Speak for yourself. I get about 20 kills a game pretty consistently, and I don’t use vehicles.

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Yeah bruh you can do it if you
a) constantly run in and die and go 1:1 or
b) sit on base and grab BR/shock rifle and beam casuals the whole match

These are the playstyles that AR starts promote for these reasons:
a) it’s an absolute shambles close quarters gameplay
b) it promotes and rewards camping/extremely passive gameplay because you’re untouchable due to being out of range of their base precision weapons and the AR randies that throw themselves at you.

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Buckets of cover, vehicles, movement tools, not to mention other decent enough weapons everywhere. There’s usually plenty of spawn security too.

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Enough different types of weapons on the BTB maps to just go looking for something new and cool to use for my taste. And like you say there is a lot of cover to go do it.

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Then wouldn’t that work in favour of BR starts as well?

I mean my best match was 31 and 11, and that was before I even started using the Shock Rifle. And yes, I was playing the objective as well.

Vehicles die instantly already and lasted wayyyyyy longer in H3 and Reach anyways.
Plenty of cover is great for BR starts, means you won’t get cross mapped. Map design = spawn security, even on precision starts it won’t be a problem. And right now, if I have a BR and I see you spawn with an AR then you die, but how often have you seen an enemy player spawn? The maps are too big to worry about this.
Movement options? There’s plenty of cover as you said, so if it was BR starts then still no worries. The only time your movement would get inhibited on BR spawns is if you run out in the open, in which case you should get punished for a poor gameplay decision.

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Wow great work Austin!!

Yea, I am pretty great. Thanks for recognizing :purple_heart:

Not entirely as every player would have a weapon capable of cross map shooting so you get less closer and smaller fights in and around the map and it discourages players from scavenging the rest of the sandbox.

Right now when a player spawns they must go to get some better stuff, instead of just immediately firing on the enemy. The games feel more free because of it.

I love the BR but especially in H4 the BTB was ruined by easy precision kills across the map. Everyone had DMR or BR. I see more weapons being used than ever before, it’s great.

i strongly agree, btb starts are how it should be.

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Why not give us a match composer like MCC giving us both options so everyone is happy.

I feel like BTB is the only place that the AR feels properly balanced. BR/Commando are good pick-ups and BR starts would break the map flow on the BTB maps. No thanks.

No. This is the first time that BTB feels balanced and fun besides with vehicles lol. I’m tired of you BR purists from the trenches of Halo 2 days

More weapons doesn’t equal better gameplay. Halo is built around utility weapons. You want to use CQC weapons? That’s okay, there’s 4v4 instead. Big team is about big maps and long range fights. Infinite has enough cover/enclosed areas across the BTB maps to enable CQC scuffles even on BR starts.

The other part of this is - are people actually picking up and getting consistent kills with other pick up precision weapons? Not really. The shock rifle sees regular usage for sure but the plasma carbine, commando and stalker rifle are all pretty bad at their roles and they don’t really add a lot to this sacred sandbox that everyone wants to protect. The power weapons are always going to get used on BR starts too so that’s a non issue.

Trust me you do not want BR starts in a 12v12 game mode

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