BTB needs a BR start

I’m glad that the halo method has changed. For so long now every game was always with precision weapons. Glad the AR is the main go to weapon now and that the sidekick is now used as its name for it. Glad that we still the BR don’t get me wrong but having everyone spawn with it would remind me too much of Reach were everyone would be pinned down and no one would ever dare to run out into the open. It’s way more fun to be able to run and gun again

Takes more skill to use in a fight than the pistol or especially AR so no, not really.

Lol why do you guys act like weapons cant be tuned? They can easily find way to balance it. Give us a BTB BR start weekend or something and see how it plays. I BR starts made BTB in every halo game way better. You didnt have the whole sit back and not move. Honestly i see that more now because of the AR being way to strong and ppl camping at their base with the stalker rifle or shock rifle.

The BR doesnt ruin the game at all in BR in BTB. Id rather have a classic mode with BR starts than what we have now and im a HUGE btb guy. Its been my favorite playlist since halo 2.

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Literally watched a BTB game with BR’s yesterday with 2 clans and it plays perfectly fine. The flow of the map isn’t too different (people can move around, blows the false narrative to pieces.), map control looked valuable again instead of a gang of zombies AR’ing each other on one side of the map.

Just to add on, these were clan kids that were trying very hard and not giving deaths easy, it wasn’t a camp fest like people here are making out. It was actually great to see accuracy and duels take place instead of firework shooting and constant holding forward spraying.


^ this is exactly what I’m saying.

The main reason ppl are saying this is because they don’t to use skill. They want an easy weapon with little to no faults.

Hey I can hold down my trigger and kill ppl in 3 seconds while also getting headshots. Wow it’s not broken because it’s easy so lets bash anyone who enjoyed halo btb the way it’s always been.

I swear it’s annoying, add BR starts, make the AR has less range, no headshot modifier and make it a beast up close so they can just camp around corners. That right there is the solution

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or just give us a BR start option and let the plebs run around with ARs if they want

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Agreed. Especially, large maps should have a br start.

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Disagree with OP!

BTB Vet here - Halo 3 Squad Battle 50 and General and Halo 5 BTB Champion 30 in the world. Halo Infinite does NOT need BR start for 12 v 12 BTB.

However, 8 v 8 Ranked Squad Battle in Halo Infinite with BR start will be * chef kiss *

We will need new maps/forge for 8 v 8 Ranked BTB matches

Agreed with Ken, 12 v 12 BTB does NOT need BR start. It’s fine the way it is.

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No. Then that will be the only weapon anyone uses. It’s too powerful. It works too well at any range

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No it won’t be the only one people use. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Onyx isn’t that good.

Not true at all don’t twist the past. :rage:

Rank Halo 2 Classic BTB had SMG/Magnum Starts and BR/SMG Starts for certain gametypes.

Rank Halo 3 Classic BTB had AR/Magnum Starts and BR/AR for certain gametypes and maps

BTB became Social at the end of Halo 3 and beginning of Halo Reach and stayed Social Playlist afterwards.

The only reason why 343 made BR Starts in MCC such a strong thing is to get rid of all the extra drama from the BR Community blowing up on the Forums like they did in the past. Which they don’t want that never ending toxic drama carrying over to the new stuff like Twitter, and Redit. :wink:

Like I said in my other post in Social BTB AR Starts is perfect experience for everyone. If Competitive players want BR Starts then only have it in Rank Matchmaking.

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There is a better solution. Halo infinite should have a match composer just like halo mcc. Have separate playlists for btb ar slayer, btb br slayer, btbobjective etc. So if a person wants to play br starts he can play br starts or ar starts or if you are like me and dont care then you could have all the playlists activated for a randomized experience. Problem solved right? ( P.S i know about the br starts and the vehicles problem). but atleast like this people would stop complaining and everyone will be happy.

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It’s not twisting the past when it’s a fact. The only part you’re right about is Halo 2 having some modes without BR starts, but it still had BR starts for other BTB modes, reinforcing my point that BTB has ALWAYS had precision starts in each game.

Halo 3 BTB was always BR starts though, Bungie likely saw how awful full auto starts were in Halo 2 BTB and wanted to rectify this.


It never been about how great or awful auto start is for some players. The thing is most players don’t want to go looking around the map and learning new ways out do there enemy. So instead they want a weapon that can be use in almost any case from the start. :unamused:

The only way I would be down for BR Starts is to make weapons on map stronger and vehicles stronger as well. That way it keeps people moving around on the map and learning new ways to play the game and players are actually using other weapons and vehicles besides the same thing over and over again in the kill feed. But then at that point it goes right back to before with AR and Magnum Starts.

In the long run of things weapons on map must always be stronger than the weapons you spawn with. That’s all there is to it. :hugs:

In BTB where there’s vehicles, longer sightlines and powerful ranged weapon pickups on the field, players need a more viable weapon to spawn with.

Otherwise map pickup weapons like the Sniper and BR become too overbearing on large maps where you literally can’t do anything with your close ranged spawn weapons. Spawning with weak weapons and working your way up works on 4v4 maps where the weak weapons still have a chance to shine, but in BTB they don’t, unless you specifically design the map to be claustrophobic which makes for a terrible BTB experience overall.

the AR is really noob friendly. hold left clic and it shot. i remember the 3 bullet burst of the BR use to give me hard time. and the pistol is just enough for those who have a better control of there mouse.