BTB needs a BR start

After playing more I’d like a BR starts or precision starts playlist option.

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or at least more BRs on the map its ridiculous how minimal the amount of mid range weapons are ( lets not get into how -Yoink!- useless most the weapons are in this thread )

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3k hours in MCC - It seems like a lack of BR starts is being used to make us more aggressive in gameplay leaving the base, securing weapons, constantly scavenging and being engaged in the action… but I would like to see either a ranked or social option with BR starts when the launch happens on 12/08. If the title is truly designed to appeal to OG Halo fans, the support is there. It could be rotated in and out if the playlist numbers aren’t there (similar to MCC), but a least give it the chance and see how it flies. I think it’ll happen.

I personally think the BTB maps are a little large (which is a whole nother topic) to have AR starts but that’s just my opinion. What’s wrong with mixing it up like they did I other games like BR Slayer or something.

No please. We all know how halo reach ended up being like with the DMR. The battle rifle has a long range it’s just going to be a long range sniper fest. I prefer to have a balance of CQB, medium and long range battles. It’s good the way it is. Maybe decrease the time for precision weapons to respawn or leave it

For people that want it, they could also add a slayer BR to the rotation

lmao. that’s cute. nothing like COD. thank god.
once again. you need to start understanding how game design works. you’re ignorance is showing.

No, it does not, I dont want a repeat of Halo Reach, where you start off the match and people are already sniping you in the head with the dmr. I’d rather much have AR and push against enemies in a close quarters battle.


I completely agree with OP on this. I’m perfectly fine with the AR starts in social playlists, but in BTB, a BR start would be nice.



BR is a weapon for mid-long range. If everyone start with that gun then there will be no reason to use other weapons, and this is one of the weeks parts of H3, besides the power weapons and the BR, there is no real “need” to other weapons.

Besides, the AR is useful now

AR fans seem literally incapable of justifying auto starts without highlighting how ignorant they are about the real issues underlying the Halo sandbox or just straight up lying about how BTB and 4v4 played out in past games.

“People don’t pick up other weapons in BR starts” This has never been the case outside a minority of badly designed and redundant weapons. If you want people to use other weapons how about you actually advocate for making underperforming better and more unique rather than spawning players with weaker/limited weapons. But repeat a lie enough and people start believing it.

“The [Utility Weapon] turns matches into campy long range only affairs” The only Halo game with a serious camping problem is Halo 4 with its loadouts, killstreaks and random map spawns(and bad vehicle systems but more on that in a minute.) Otherwise the only issues with map movement come from a combination of poor map design, weapon layout/timers, or other bad mechanics like hitscan(or pseudo hitscan for the pedants)

“The [Utility weapon] destroys vehicle gameplay.” No it doesn’t, its the turbo trash chip damage system that has been plaguing the series since Reach that has ruined vehicle combat for a decade.

“AR starts change how the game is played” No it really doesn’t it just makes for a shallower, less interesting experience. Spawning someone with an AR and give or take a garbage pistol doesn’t fundamentally change how the game is played. The precision weapons are still as “meta” as they always were, any badly designed and/or underpowered weapons are still bad. Vehicles will still be handicapped by attrition based health system. Only now a fresh spawn can’t do anything against a target at range and have more limited options in terms of where they can safely move.

You can’t strafe your way about of bad situations in Halo like you could in something like Quake due to a variety of factors such as the Teamplay focus(as opposed to 1v1 or FFA), the relatively slower movement speed, and the console friendly aim assist and magnetism. In Halo the expectation is that you are hitting

Sorry your opponent is just as capable of figuring out your super secret big brain AR tactics and responding accordingly. Taking back map control against a team with even the vaguest sense of how Halo works because exploiting fresh spawns with limited and/or weak weapons is incredibly easy. Success comes down to having the good fortune to spawn close to a skill based precision weapon or having your opponents completely throw away their lead due to negligence. There is a marked difference between outplaying your opponent with a skill based precision weapon and your opponent stepping onto rakes all on their own in AR starts. You are not outplaying your opponent by shooting a fresh spawn who cannot fight back.


Agreed, trying to gun people cross map with a pistol is God awful and looking for a BR is just as bad.


AR starts in BTB make for terrible game play. First off, i love how many people here are hyping up AR when in most AR starts its literally shoot with AR and push into the Melee. i would love to see the % of melee kills to grenade kills to AR kills in AR start games. Nothing worse than seeing someone 25-50 yards away and you cant do anything to them besides call them out and watch them do what ever they want. Not to mention in BTB theres so many power weapons and vehicles to nullify people with BR.

To me its not even a question BR games are so much more fun to play, have way better gun fights, way better team work with team shots, and team work. and just overall better gameplay, and thats not even close.

but thats all just my opinion, to each their own, its clear 343 needs to make a lot more playlists to satisfy the community.

and I would be ok with AR starts if BR spawns were way better, but i cant tell you how many games i play and i cant even find one, then i think i found them on the maps and the next game i play they changed the spawns to different weapons. thats the most idiotic thing i ever seen, if you wont let me spawn with a BR at least keep the place they spawn at every game so i have a chance to get one.


I’d rather not have Reach’s DMR problem with the BR in this game. Thank you very much.

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There is no DMR in this game so that is literally impossible.


BR starts in BTB would make the same problem that happens in Reach happen in Infinite, but instead of 90 percent of fights happening across the map in long range DMR duels, we would have 90 percent of fights happening across the map in long range BR duels. Same problem, Different gun.

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THIS right here. I really hope 343 don’t listen to these BR whiners. BR starts change the entire dynamic of the match. It’s a completely different game once people can just snipe you from side of the map to the other at all times. Right now there is so much more variety in engagements, and more importantly you can actually move around the map without just getting teamshot down immediately.


I very highly disagree. BTB works fine as it is.

Precision weapon starts should be avoided whenever possible. They are and always have been a band-aid fix for bad game design. If it doesn’t work with AR/pistol starts, it’s fundamentally broken.

So find one or ping them for others, the br is a crutch

Reach had no problem. False narrative.


I think the current format of everyone starting with the exact same loadouts and racing to grab their fave weapon or a more powerful weapon is perfectly fine.

Not everything about the game needs changing.