BTB needs a BR start

On the flip side,

Non-BR starts forces you closer into combat and it also forces you to scavange for a better weapon. All things that are good for larger maps in a sandbox shooter.

Balanced as in not being able to shoot back at the other team who gets BR spawns on their base when you get commando spawns?

AR starts are completely unbalanced, plain and simple. Bungie knew this and that’s why they made BTB precision starts - it’s how it has to be for balanced gameplay.


Not really - it forces you to go back to base and get more ammo which completely interrupts gameplay. Why would I risk dying when I know I can slay with the BR so I’ll just go to a known spawn rather than risking it?
And it begs the greater question of this - shouldn’t BTB be just that: BIG. If I wanted CQC I would just play 4v4. This is the understanding between different playlists.


This guy gets it. I couldn’t agree more

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Ah so how much Reach and H3 BTB did you play? Did those powerful precision weapons lead to base camping? Probably quite the opposite, it was usually a rush for power weapons/positions to actually get an advantage on the other team. Halo is built around those two power components, as well as balanced spawns with precision weapons. The maps have enough cover so that you can easily traverse it under fire, even look at the maps on Reach with half the cover and a far deadlier DMR but a complete freedom of movement around the map. The times you would get beamed from afar were the times you tried to walk in the open, which is a bad gameplay decision you should get punished for.


The one thing people simply can not argue is having the OPTION. MCC has countless variations to search from with 2% of the user base. We finally have a massive user base and no playlists variety, which was always my biggest fear.


Bungie precision weapons had no range.

It was also an issue with Reach even with Bloom though as you could consistently teamshot across the map.

Please bring BR start back to BTB.

The AR/Pistol start is just not strong enough off spawn to be able to always out-skill and break out, and there’s not always weapons/vehicles up and available when spawning. Being able to spawn with the standard BR and engage right away would be great.

Players can still scavenge for a better arsenal, but can still be effective off the spawn if they just want to jump straight into gun play (which the BR is super fun at!)


That’s definitely fair, the BR is very accurate from afar in this game. I’d still like the option to take it for a spin, the range could always be reworked.

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I’m not going to lie to you, I didn’t touch H4 so I can’t argue with how things played out there. I see the same narrative being pushed about Reach BTB. I played Reach for around 10 years, 3 inheritor acc’s and combined over 400k kills, I can tell you that it wasn’t as frequent as people are making out there, I can go into detail why sitting back on your base in that game would be a big mistake.

I can send you links to videos with teams playing on a competitive level with DMR start and you’ll see it just doesn’t play out like that. There’s 2 teams doing a 12 v 12 really soon on Infinite with BR start and I asked one of them to clip it so we’ll see how it plays out there.


In past games I’d agree with this but the way they made the maps and guns it isn’t necessary.
What in turn needs to happen is more places/faster weapon on wall spawns.

I would agree however there needs to be another playlist for Big Team BRs.
Same for SWAT, and same for just general 4 Man Slayer BRs (how was this one NOT IN THE GAME DAY 1?).

I ridiculously and wholeheartedly agree BR start would be a much better thing than an AR start.


I disagree and do not want BR starts in BTB.

no its not, why do you think the AR is so strong? Because they didnt tune the other weapons. Why are there random power weapon drops? because they didnt tune the weapons. The AR “should be this strong” argument is insane. Mose of you advocate for CoD stlye gameplay.

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it needs to be added. As it stands you cant fight a 2v1 situation and live because all it is, is trading kills. ARs have always been about trading kills.

Big reticle spraying at you from mid range, when AR has never been a mid range weapon except for halo 5.

The option to turn it on is needed, most of these people disagreeing havent been playing halo very long and dont understand. MCC isnt really halo either, somehow 343 botched that one too


do it yourself, it plays great. The claim you will just sit back because thye dont understand halo.

If you watch most players arent shooting and moving, they are shooting and staying in cover, or getting shot, sprinting away, then hiding in cover.

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Please 343 add Br starts to BTB!

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Sir, with proper skill, the pistol is a sniper. Don’t give Jakes a bad name and say such absurd lies. The AR actually has some decent range, if you burst fire. It kicks, yeah, but it’s manageable. You’re making the starting weapons sound as messy as duel-wieldkng Halo 2 SMGs. Which were devastating, if you could control the kick.

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The AR noobs forget that they can tune weapons if they feel that they are to powerful lol. Speaking of that… the AR needs nerfed.

300+ hours in MCC a good portion of that is Reach BTB, then countless hours on Xbox 360. I agree that it’s balanced but it wasn’t as fun as AR starts.

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