BTB needs a BR start

It’s ridiculous how the only way to actually spawn with a BR in this matchmaking is playing ranked. BTB/DMR starts have been a thing since Halo 2 and there is zero reason to get rid of them. If 343 thinks people won’t pick up anything else on maps twice the size of old BTB maps they’re wrong. The pistol basically has the same range as an AR in this game.


No thank you, it’s very fun right now.


And it would be even better if you spawned with something useful on a huge may.


BR starts are a bandaid for bad sandbox balance.


And what are you basing that off of?


My near 20 years of experience with Halo.


Yeah well MY 20 years of playing Halo says you don’t know what you’re saying. The sandbox in this game isn’t more balanced than Halo 5 or 4. You have to hope you spawn near a longer-range weapon in BTB or you’re a big disadvantage, just like all the other games.


there’s no balance in the game, pro players and sweaties will crush casuals and newbies with the BR


This was always going to be necessary. There was never anything wrong with spawning with a proper ranged weapon in BTB(there isn’t any issue with utility starts in 4v4 either but I digress.)

But certain players would rather delude themselves into thinking Auto starts are good for BTB. Even the Reach AR/Magnum starts in BTB weren’t as bad and AR start BTB in Reach was trash.

Gotta love the rush of killing fresh spawns that can’t shoot back and pretending you’ve actually done anything to outplay your opponents.


Hard pass. With how powerful the BR is right now it’ll just nullify any necessary map traversal because you could just camp wherever you spawn at and peck at the other team from disgusting distances.


Powerful, BR, pick one. Its literally one of the worst BR’s in Halo history between the molasses slow TTK and recoil.

It is also actually even easier to sit back and peck at people who literally can’t shoot back, but who am I kidding this has only been demonstrated time and time again for 20 years


Try again, literally the easiest kills I’ve bagged are me vaguely wiggling my cross hair over hitboxes with this menace.

As we see with precision slayer time and time again, everyone just camps by their spawn whilst having an ultra useful, heavy hitting, long range weapon that nullifies any need to pick up any other weapon in the sandbox other than maybe the sniper.

Keeping it a map pickup and limiting its use is :ok_hand::ok_hand:


From H3 on every playlist should have been BR/AR start.


Apparently, 343i only listened to the Forerunners team (Pro player feedback) for the Ranked playlist when they asked for BR starts. So, it’s probably lot of fun there… at least, lol


I agree. I was so disappointed when I played btb and it was ar starts again. It’s not fun imo. I just ended up playing ranked. I hope there is a br starts btb playlist soon and a social slayer 4v4 br starts playlist.


I agree. I feel SMG starts in Halo 2 was the worst Halo has ever been, and BR starts in Halo 2 was the best Halo has ever been (and that’s with all the many broken things in that game). So, yeah.

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That’s hilarious if it’s true because that’s where I’m having the most fun even though I thought it’d be the opposite.

People love to hate on the BR but the AR is a monster in this game. I’m constantly being put at death’s door by the AR when I’m using the BR at mid range, and the Commando seems like the most worthless gun in the game because you’ll just get melted by an AR while dealing with the Commando’s insane recoil.


No, it does not “need” a BR start.

What it needs is a bigger map and more vehicles.

Im missing Warzone Maps already.

Infinite BTB maps are fine with the weapons it has if you can find em.

I have been in cross map duels with sidekicks, BRs and Commandos all match with the time I played today.

People have decent to good aim in BTB. Everyone does not need to beam each other with BRs all game. It will ruin the use of other weapons.

Either wait for the meter on the weapon rack or pick one up off a dead body…

Don’t know what else to tell you.

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I think the only thing needs a nerf ist the AR is annoying being sprayed from side to side of he map

I disagree. If it was br starts the entire game would devolve into people cross mapping each other like lemmings. And there would hardly be any map movement at all.