BTB Multiplayer Maps need to be bigger, closer to the scale and general layout of Combat Evolved PC maps like "Infinity", "Danger Canyon", "Gephyrophobia" and "Side-Winder" ( not Avalanche )

While WAY too big for Combat Evolved, these maps and the general layout of the maps would be GREAT for Infinite when coupled with Grappleshot, Razorback, Banshees, and other attributes to facililtate better traversal of larger maps such as improved layout of teleporters as shortcuts for Ground Troops, with perhaps a scale of about 80% of the size of these Legacy Halo CE maps

— While the general layout of these maps are solid, the spiritual successors to these maps should have more details, adjustments to the locations of map features, addition of foliage/rocks/structures to avoid unfair line of sight imbalances, and other adjustments such as added map section in the existing map play-spaces to make them more “full” and less empty and not with overly tedious times to cross the map

— A spiritual successor to features like the bridges of Halo PC map “Infinity” would be PERFECT FOR GRAPPLESHOT movement and things like intercepting vehicles via use of teleporters ( although these bridges should be adjusted in location, width, have the addition of pillars in the bridges to create cover and other map balance adjustments to fix the problems of those CE maps ) —

— These maps could be enhanced with Hardlight bridge sections to modify vehicle and player movement paths and allow the dominant team to control map movement flow via the use of Hard-light bridge controls, door and tunnel access, Elevators and other map interactables, perhaps introducing a “Keycard” type mechanic via the use of an INDEX ( like the one you retrieve from Campaign in Halo CE’s ‘Library’ Level ) as items that permit access to map interaction points or subsections

— The maps and the use of teleporters will help balance objective games by allowing players on foot to counter vehicle objective plays like with the middle of the map on Avalanche that allows you to intercept Warthogs running the flag

— Larger maps will allow game sessions that feel less frantic and more strategic, with more times between engagements, more room for vehicle maneuvering, longer distances for precision weapons engagements to test player skill and more options and variables for defense/offense and flanking routes than more cramped three lane map layouts

— Larger maps like those mentioned above would make the cureent Pelican vehicle Spawning less unbalanced with reduced likely hood of vehicles being knocked out right as they are dropped off

— These larger maps would make great opportunity for forge variants that create interesting layouts and map flow via the flexibility afforded by vaster terrain sets

LARGER MAPS can facilitate the return of the Spartan laser, since it is not range limited like the Brute Harpoon, and could be balanced with damage reduced, requiring two shots of a Spartan Laser to Eliminate a Full Health Warthog.

— Larger BTB Maps can ALSO, have smaller sections in those maps be used for 4v4 Slayer/Objective gametypes by modifying map barriers to increase total maps available to players

— Larger Big Team Battle maps could integrate full sections of smaller maps such as adding the layout of “Rat Race”, “Lockout” or other small arena maps as the middle or side part of the whole map

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Larger BTB maps will allow for larger, new vehicles like the UNSC Armored Personel Carrier, Brute Prowler, Hornet ( or modified Wasp with foot-holds for troops ), return of the Spectre and other Viable Halo Wars units

This is part of how Infinite Big Team Battle can be made to feel like Legacy experiences in terms of gameplay Rhythm and addicting large scale combat the series is known for, especially given the improved range of the Assault Rifle, Grappleshot and Razorback making weapons, movement, transport and vehicle Roam space more viable on larger maps

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OH yeah, I totally agree that new maps based on these Original versions would have to be heavily modified for layout, game balance, pathing and movement so they don’t have the downsides of those CE maps, but build on the general premise, biomes, and add to the good parts with fine tuning and addition of new sections, more cover and foliage, and better sightlines and placement of features

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Good thinking 100%. I had Ice fields on my mind.

Snow Biome maps are always fun, esp the sliding of vehicles on the Ice in Sidewinder.

Imagine using the new Spartan Slide mechanic to slide accross the Ice quicker in open or Icy areas ! That would be fun

Or shooting Icicles to damage players or vehicles that run under them

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They dont even need to scale them. They can just port them to to infinite and it will work properly.

They are fun, big enough for 12v12

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