BTB Mode without Strongholds and CTF

Hey everyone, i made this topic thinking on previous halo games and the community, this is more of an suggestion thread.

so, recently, i tried to play BTB because it was the only game mode that i played on halo:reach and halo 4, i must admit that the warzone mode was a really good addition to the game, but i really like the arena game modes, but only a few of them, if someone that is reading this played halo 4 or halo:reach, you will know that BTB was known for being an team slayer but with more people and cars, in which made it even more fun.

so, my suggestion here is, either remove strongholds and CTF from BTB or add another BTB mode with slayer only, because i was talking with my friends yesterday and we all agreed that we shouldn’t be forced to play other game modes just because it is included on BTB,and as we see on the arena playlists, arena slayer is the most played game mode of arena, this make us assume that most people dislike other game modes with objectives on it, so please 343, i hope you read this suggestion and take it into consideration, thanks for your attention everyone!

We have to have some variety for commendations lol. 343 isn’t adding more playlists without good advanced notice…see grifball. Btb will never have a slayer only game mode.

Unfortunately it would split the populations. Too little playlists and the people will quit like you stated, too many playlists and people would be far spread out to find matches. I like the idea but it would work if HALO 5 had a HUGE population…

BTB Slayer is quite fun, but I enjoy those other game modes a lot too. It’d be nice to have a BTB playlist of just slayer, cause I too played BTB in the Halo Reach and H4 days. But as stated above I doubt they’d make a BTB slayer only playlist. But you never know. If enough people talk about it, they’d totally do it.