BTB Mixed greatness and ?able trend continues

I just played the BTB maps. I think for the most part their layout is great. I especially like all of the rock formations on Basin. Recurve is pretty awesome too. The only thing that’s driving me crazy about them so far is the color scheme/palette (I don’t know a lot about graphic design). Guillotine is terrible. I don’t know who thought that color design would fit into a Halo game. It doesn’t ‘fit’. Not only does it not fit, but it’s confusing. In Basin there is a blue side and a red side. Not in Guillotine. Guillotine doesn’t really have distinguishing parts in the different areas. Everything seems colored the same.

Its a a trend I notice in Halo 5. Some parts of the game are brilliant and some parts are just so questionable and confusing on how they got approved to be in the game. At least 343 got the gameplay part of the multiplayer in Halo 5 really tight. I like how the Spartans move like Spartans should. They also got the networking really good too. Warzone is new but still feels like it belongs in Halo. So far I’m having fun with most parts of Halo 5. My biggest complaints are the visual design of some of the armor, color schemes of some of the maps and weapon skins (most aren’t bad they just don’t seem like they belong in Halo), I miss the old style of music, and campaign (so far probably my least favorite part of the game). I could go on and on about the lack of Chief missions, taking the highly anticipated Blue Team and not having any character development due to introducing too many characters at once (there are 7 playable Spartans that haven’t been playable before), the not so great team ai when playing solo, and the overused Warden Eternal. ANd why did 343 need to take away having Chief and Cortana as a team? That is what made the campaigns so great. They would joke with each. Chief would pull off incredible cool and brave combat maneuvers. I think they want to retire Chief.

I hear 343 say this is their Halo. The thing I question about that is they signed on to do Halo. So shouldn’t they make Halo a Halo game? If there are people on the team that want to change it and make something else then just make a different game besides Halo. That’s what Bungie did. They didn’t want to make Halo anymore. Instead of changing Halo they made a new game. Then maybe there could be a complete team that wants to make a Halo like a Halo game. I don’t know. Maybe they know something I don’t. Maybe it needed to change. But so far some of the changes could be better.