BTB Matchmaking Crash Results In Ban?

T4R, when I search for a BTB match I don’t get any farther than the loading screen before it kicks me back to the menu and tells me to try again, only to trap me in an infinite loop of notification popups (similar to the bug where you were “not authorized to play”). So I restart the game, this time I get mics in gamechat but I’m still at the loading screen and still get booted and trapped in a PUP loop. Third time, exact same thing only after restarting there’s now a notification notification saying “User is Banned.” Like actually what the hell 343? Your game is broken and I get blamed for it? This is absolute BS.

Unfortunately yes, but I guess that’s valuable feedback for them. Hopefully this is an old build issue that’s already been fixed.

Happening to a lot of players. Ban lasts about 10 mins.