BTB map suggestion: Bloody Gulch

Bases for map

Map lore: Before the banished took over the ring, blood gulch was knowing as research post delta five. With two firebases set up on either side of the gulch to observe the local flora and fauna the deer of the gulch being rather interesting to the UNSC as they are obviously related to Terran deer so closely that even gentics testing showed that. When the banished came though the scientists didn’t stand a chance though they still put up a fight using the rings systems to knock down several banished phantoms.

map play, based around a high low gameplay, with vehicles being able to easily control the low ground while the foot paths of the side cliffs and hills allow infantry to control the high ground on top of that both sides have sniper towers overlooking their half the map.

Each base would have 3 goose spawns, 2 combat hog spawns (mirrored for both sides. can be anything from two razorbacks, to 2 rocket hogs and any combo between) a tank spawn(any tank), and a air vehicle spawn (any air vehicle)

In the center of the map equal distance from both bases are the bonus vehicle spawn points, these are at 2 crashed banished phantoms, and a middle of the map landing pad that acts as the center PoI.

For the bases both teams have 2 mounted MG turrets and an AA turret.

In the center of the map is a banished landing pad, which has 5 scrap canons on bunkers allowing for easy cover around the map, but these are easily delt with by armor or snipers.

Special items on map

4x loot cave, one in each base, one under the brute landing pad, and one in the caves to the east of the map.

Base loot caves
info: unlike standard ones theses remain open for 1 minute after being unlocked, inside is the bases weapons being 6 accurate weapon spawns, 2 sniper spawns, 1 power up spawn, and one hydra spawn (always the enhanced hydra from campaign.)

Banished loot cave
info: center of map, must be opened to get to the scrap canon bunkers, always has overshield and gravity hammers or cloak and swords.

cliff loot cave
info: center east of the map, always has either a cloak or overshield, a launcher, and a rack of forerunner weapons.

Hope this idea gets some traction.

It sounds nice, but I dont think something like this is gonna happen anytime soon.

Even then the more voices on it the more likely it is to happen.

though if I have to make it in forge when that comes out I will.

Don’t worry… if lazy 343 doesn’t make it then the community will in Forge when it is released next year.

forge is coming out this year.

Is that complete or broken with missing features that will come later on? Hahahahaha!

they’d probably call it something like “laceration”

With the theming and how they seem to be going for one word names seems like a name they woudl give it.

Laceration is a nice suggestion.

Sounds like a good idea. I’d like to see more loot caves.

Just port the original blood gluch map, revamp the graphics, balance it for the game and boom.

That is how we got Valhalla

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