BTB map selection

Since the new BTB maps have been released I haven’t gotten Eagly Eye or Viking (Valhalla)

I played BTB all day yesterday just didn’t get to see either of the remakes. I got to play Antifreeze 5 or 6 times, though.

and then we get banned if we don’t wanna play lol

Eagle eye is too busy for me. It looks great, but not for me. I love Viking. Got to play on that one 3 or 4 times. Love it. I think the old map used scorpions on it though. That would be awesome!

Eagle Square?

Played maybe eight games yesterday in BTB. Got Eagle Square twice, Scavenger twice and Fracture once.

I wanted to play Viking but didn’t get to. I’ll play it soon enough.

I want the maps so I can check them out in Customs and learn them in a less stressful environment. They haven’t been added to the game or The343Favorites. I don’t want to have to add each creator and trawl their files to find them. What could solve this problem? You guessed it, a file browser!