BTB. Like seriously, what in the Yoink

I cannot express how pathetic and downright frustrating it is that one of your main gamemodes (Not just within the relative space of Halo as a fan favorite mode) but as something you actually sold this game on as a defacto replacement for Halo 5’s warzone is still a complete mess to get into matches.

I do not understand the ineptitude of this situation and that there’s nothing being said or done here. I don’t need to mention vacation times because, yes, this sentiment has been beaten to death over and over and let me proclaim my mandatory declaration that yeah, obviously people are allowed to have their free time, but that says nothing about the sheer lack of hope coming around for this game.

That nobody took even a millisecond to be like "Hey, we’ve got Insert name here on the job and with all that money you, the fans, are dumping in our predatory monetization system we’re paying Insert name here and a few other crew extra cash to get some communication going to atleast get the ball rolling on this for when we get back. I’m sure there are employees at 343 who are biting at the nails to get this done. I don’t know about you guys, but artists literally bleed for their art, so I find it hard to believe there’s not some engineer desperate to get back to work as they’re spending the entirety of their holiday watching the game they worked on for years absolutely fall apart.

I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t want to make quick judgements, but that’s kind of the point here, no? That nobody will take a minute to reassure us that things are atleast manageable to okay. That they didn’t just fart this game out and shout “See yah, suckers!” Because this late in the game, I’d believe anything with this company. I personally couldn’t just watch the thing I worked painstakingly on for years just die a horrible death while I sit around in my pajamas. Maybe that’s harsh, but so is paying 60 dollars for a barebones campaign experience that I can’t even pick individual levels for to grab bonuses that are mission specific.

What’s really harsh is being let down time and time again and being given the run around when these folks KNOW DAMN WELL the stuff they make is always busted and that they have a huge history of lying through their teeth at us while we hand them cash for things that don’t work. And we stand here like Oliver twist, BEGGING to be fed, BEGGING to just have a Halo experience that’s worth while where we don’t feel cheated or exploited.

And at the very least we can’t get some kind of communication on this website that things are okay.

But no… We just have to sit and wait. Smh. Always sitting and waiting with these people.


It’s wild to me. I just went through hell to win 2 BTB games and most of that was trying to get in. It was my last challenge before the Ultimate. Why not disable those challenges?

I don’t know. If only there was some developer communication or something.

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I’d guess a brief statement tomorrow about them grateful to have the vacation, and then a brief outline of what to expect, but nothing tangible.
If there is no statement or community update tomorrow something is wronger than usual in 343 land

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Hey everyone this thread won’t get as much traction as the first thread on the subject. The more posts in a thread the more they will take it seriously. If you wouldn’t mind reposting in this thread it would be great. I would even say take the original post and put it in the other thread.

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Reposting the same thing in multiple threads is against the forum rules

To be completely honest I haven’t touched a PvP multiplayer game since BTB went off the rails. I don’t play ranked (I want to enjoy my time playing multiplayer not sweat) I don’t play quick match, tactical slayer or fiesta as there seems to a serious issue with cheating at the moment.

When BTB gets fixed I’ll be back as for me personally BTB is Halo multiplayer.

Also one final word, you can bet your butt if ranked were having these issues people from 343i would’ve been hard at work over the holiday season to get it working. 343i have proven time and again they don’t really care about BTB.

Maybe my memories are wrong.
But btb ran fine in the technical preview right?
They just screwed it up once after launch?

Now, I am getting really strange matches and often times “disconnected” from BTB matches.

Map and game modes like Deadlock, Total Control, felt really long to take and the zones don’t change randomly at the beginning making an experience a chore.

Also, I am forced to play the same map over and over with different game modes.