BTB is SO Close

Halo Infinite BTB is a great improvement for 343, but is still missing that “feeling” that I think is going to keep people engaged, like my casual friends.

3 Maps at launch? I would have given 4 a pass, but I really think one new iconic map is needed.

Death Island, Infinity, Ice Fields, Timberland are a few that are far better and are not even in the traditional “iconic” map list. The 3 maps we got are aesthetically beautiful, but we don’t start with tanks/wraiths on a single one. That does make me a little sad. The tank drop is just okay and generally most players don’t have a chance at it.

To be constructive, I’m having fun but I still miss the chaos and simplicity of old. These maps feel a bit cluttered for the sake of over-detail (a 343 staple) and generally have a similar style. Over detail + spartan highlights is just visually too much stimuli. Yes, I might be needy, but after 6 years is one additional great map too much to ask for? I really want this game to succeed and allow Halo to dominate the market again.

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I agree with a few of your points that I wanted to echo. BTB has always been about bigger battles and VEHICLES. The lack of major vehicles (i.e. banshee, wasp, tank, and wraith) showing up is very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving BTB but what makes it great and even more interesting is those iconic vehicles. I think they need to show up at random throughout the map and not just at the end of the game. I love the Pelican drops. It’s better than them just spawning but we need more of them.

The maps do feel cluttered but it makes for fun individual fights sometimes. One thing in the map space they could change, is give us another on for launch. 3 feels like too few. Also, PLEASE let us choose game types within Arena and BTB. Sometimes I just want to play Slayer guys.


I’ve said it before: I like and want the classic Halo btb chaos.

2 tanks. 4 Warthogs. Ghosts, Mongeese, Banshees.

Chaos. Open maps. Sniping.

I like Infinite BTB, but it needs MORE. Of everything.


Exactly! I’m fine if they don’t have the Blood Gulch, Zanzibar, Sidewinder, Headlong, Sandtrap type remakes if they just get something on that caliber of map and chaotic pure fun. Heck Standoff didn’t have the tank/wraith, was smaller and was still absolutely amazing.


BTB has always been about bigger battles and VEHICLES. The lack of major vehicles (i.e. banshee, wasp, tank, and wraith) showing up is very disappointing.

Yeah, exactly this. Halo Infinite’s BTB feels vehicle-deprived. I’ve played matches where I’m on foot the whole time, and I haven’t even seen a single Scorpion or Wraith so far.

343 said in their “Tech Preview 2 Outcomes” blog post:

…but we believe the progression of power as better and better vehicles spawn in allows for the end of matches to feel like bigger moments.

ok 343, that’s great on paper but bigger moments shouldn’t come at the cost of BTB almost entirely lacking in heavy vehicle play. As someone who loved the Heavies variant in past games, such a vehicle-free BTB is kind of disappointing. If I wanted to run around on foot 99% of the time, I’d go play 4v4.