Btb is not fun at all and I mean at all

The weapon damage in this game is terrible. Btb is supposed to have BR starts for a reason to begin with and when you have all these guns that shoot like paper bullets it ruins the entire experience. Ranked is the only good playlist in this game because the BR is a consistent well balanced gun to use make all the other weapons like that the sandbox is so underwhelming there are countless guns in this game I could name that do not do enough damage. Game surely feels like a beta….


We’ll probably see a ranked BTB with BR’s or some changes made.

My only gripe with BTB is that finding a tank is like finding a unicorn.

(Hint: You aren’t going to find either.)

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What’s worst is you don’t know where anything spawns in the map, or how long till the next wasp will spawn

I’m actually in custom games right now lookin at the maps and the spawns are completely different what’s even in the live match, and yes I’ve made sure to set the game mode to the correct option.

It’s bad this weapon swap stuff is too random…

The what? Like are the weapons that spawn around the map random?

I’m pretty sure the same system is in place like quick play where the same weapon doesn’t spawn in the same location….

Yeah, I am kind of disappointed with BTB as well. Between the lack of BR spawns, how slow the vehicle spawning is (especially for power vehicles), Arc grenade spam disabling your vehicle easily, and the vehicles in general feeling pretty weak. I’ve legit been blown out of a banshee before without a single kill, that is how weak it is. Considering only 1 flying vehicle spawns an entire match, that is unacceptably weak.

I’m not aware of this system, I’m used to the old Halo games where every map had the same things spawnin in the same place every match, why are they adding RNG to what weapons spawn in lockers?

With 24 people BR starts would be awful. I do hope that they add BTB: BR Objective modes, to have some variance in gameplay. Having only AR starts just has players camping the precision weapon spawns and not engaging with the objective, or trying to range people with the pistol off the rip.

As much as I would like to believe that they will add a ranked version of BtB in the future I highly doubt it. Given the way they are treating BtB it is clear that they are trying to use this as a starting point for new players.
Given focus on AR starts and things like random weapons spawns, among other things, its clear that they are trying to ensure that the skill gap between new and old players is eliminated as much as possible.
This will prevent new players from being discouraged and moving on to another game.
Even objective modes do not feel like true objective game types.

“Btb is supposed to have BR starts for a reason”
Uh, says who? Past games have only had BR starts, or DRM starts because the weapon balance was horrible.
BTB is more fun as is than 4v4.

In my opinion, I don’t think the maps we currently have for BTB work well with 12v12, it really feels like they weren’t made for that many players in mind.