BTB Is Mostly Dead, We Need More People Playing It, New Maps!

It should not be a big task for 343 to add more maps since it is an all forge playlist, they don’t have to create any new maps. Many BTB games are not full and always have the same people playing. I am only playing BTB, BTB Super Fiesta and Super Fiesta party until I get my overall KDR to 1.5 then I will switch to playing ranked playlists again.

Meander, Panic Attack, Voyager, Ancestor, Boulevard, Fracture, Guillotine, Port Authority, Scavenger, Traffic Jam should all be removed. I like most of these maps but some of them just look bad like Port Authority, Traffic Jam , Guillotine and Fracture.Big maps with open world out door areas are my favorite for BTB.

There are so many Forge maps, it shouldn’t take much time for the devs to add 10 new maps in a rotation every 3 or 4 months, then replacing the 10 new ones they add with 10 other new ones. (but keeping Risen, Viking, Dead Heat, Dispelled, Crossbow, Fossil, Hinterlands, Pioneer, Echos and Entombed)They could also add a different set of 10 maps to the big team super fiesta playlist.

Single biggest thing that would gain H5 a higher population would be a PC Port, I for 1 will never be back on H5 multiplayer unless that PC port materializes.

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I don’t hope a PC port ever comes, perhaps a remastered version of Xbox Series X. Halo 5 right now is the only reason I play my Xbox One X, the other games I usually play are Planetside 2 and Star Trek Online on my gaming computer that I built.

Now, now, don’t be selfish. A pc port would hurt no one, even you. Just because you may not want or care about a pc port, doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same.

A pc port would be beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. higher resolutions

  2. better framerate (game still stutters at times on xbox one x)

  3. fov slider

  4. possible mod support

  5. let’s the wider audience experience the campaign and multiplayer i.e. the pc community.

  6. it would earn 343i/Microsoft a ton of profit from all the potential steam and windows store purchases that they are currently missing out on. Halo 5 Forge just didn’t cut it. No one wanted a cut down limited port of the game, it wasn’t what the community begged them for. Sure it was free and was cool for a bit, but it was more like a demo and is now dead for finding multiplayer games on, simply because it was not the full game, it wasn’t going to last long. It lacked all the decent parts of Halo 5.

There’s zero reasons for not brining it to pc. I seriously doubt they will remaster it just for the X/S. A PC port is much more realistic as re-releasing on the X/S sounds pointless. A game patch would be more realistic but i also doubt that too.

The MCC got all the treatment as it has so much content in it, it needed to be as good as could be. Halo 5 is just one game. It just needs a port and some things removed / changed. like the online only aspects, fov slider, few more graphics settings, some bug fixes and then it’ll be good for release on pc.