Btb is horrible in infinite and isn't even balanced right

Man it shoots missles that lock on and tear vehicles apart, and is on a spawn timer, its about as close to a power weapon as one can be without being on the power weapon pad

the Battle rifle/commando are also on a spawn timer in high power exactly the same as the hydra…

And they give you a substantial advantage agaisnt someone with an ar and pistol, could be considered a power weapon in its own right.
Im not here to debate weapon classes or the ability of someone vs the wasp, im here to talk about the unbalanced vehicle spawn that effects the tide of battle

why can’t we vote for maps again?

This game dosen’t currently have BTB, they cal it BTB but the maps are garbage and boring.

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Then I dunno why you mentioned power weapons or went on that short debate…

BTB is crap.
The maps are all among the worst I’ve ever seen in a MP game and we need far more of them.
Stockpile is probably the least fun I’ve ever had playing Halo. Including being spawn camped and farmed by 12 man teams in H5 warzone.
Total control is only moderately fun when it doesn’t spawn all the points on the far side where the enemy team can capture them instantly.
RNG on weapons can instantly kill any fun you can get out of a game simply by heavily favoring the enemy.
No vehicles until the end defeats the object of BTB.
Vehicles apart from the wasp are far too weak especially the Banshee.
The maps aren’t open enough for vehicle combat which makes vehicles even more frustrating to use as well as making the maps even more horrible to play on.
I could go on and on.

Does that include the random weapon spawns too?

I wish it was still 8v8 because I dont like each player having less of an impact in 12v12

I agree BTB is really bad, but I disagree with what happened to you. Excuse my mini-essay:
Matches like that suck, and yeah vehicles need to be 100% rebalanced (and physics/collision fixed so the warthog drives better and the chopper actually works).
However, as for the weapons, some need small tweaks, but Halo has always been like that. At least most of the weapons are way better balanced than the DMR/BR/magnum start fest that made every gun useless in the past. When the game leaves out a bunch of weapons on the map, everyone starts the same, and the enemy (or your own team) gets to them all first and wipes the game; all I have to say is that it sucks, but that’s the game doing its thing. That’s not something inherently wrong with the game. That’s just a mix of luck and players knowing where/when weapons spawn. That’s your team doing bad until they get stuck so far behind you can’t go back. There isn’t really any fix for any team getting their best match outcome possible.
[EDIT]: Okay I read some more posts so let me put in some more insight on weapons: I always notice that there are always at least two precision spawns that spawn near-base and near-middle. This is on every BTB map. And they always either have a BR or a Commando. It isn’t 100% random. You just have to keep a mental note of which has which and go with what you prefer. So on that front, I don’t think the randomness hurts the game. I actually like it so it doesn’t keep every match the same. Edit over.
I can’t count how many times in all of the other Halo games that has happened. But I can give examples. Halo CE on Derelict. Halo 3 on Avalanche, Halo Reach on Boneyard. That’s just how a sandbox game works. Sorry dude. This isn’t a 343 issue (for once it seems) that’s just the game. All I can say is hope you get a better team next time.
And I feel like the Wasp is one of the few vehicles actually balanced. Never touched a wraith. Used a scorpion once… during the flights… Banshees fly like a rock but survive like paper, mongoose and gungoose is fun, but just like the warthog, the driving is off. Speaking of, the gun is too accurate. Silverback… well no one wants to use it because it actually requires thought and players don’t like thinking about weapons and positioning. Ghost is too strong. Rockethog’s turret rockets are too slow… The chopper. Poor chopper. Entirely butchered. I won’t go into all the details but its new “rebalances” and the physics problem turned it into the most useless vehicle.

BTB has always relied on its vehicles and weapon placement. Weapons are 100% fine to me. Sadly the maps, aren’t really designed for how BTB should be. There’s a reason why BTB was wide open. Instead BTB is designed like a 3 lane COD map but scaled up so vehicles fit instead of players. Normally air vehicles would be best for this type, but only one works. The wasp, which can hover and manuever. The banshee doesn’t have the speed or turning to make that work. Land vehicles only had the roads. Everywhere else is player-only or a deathtrap. And these roads are too small for the scorpion (the one time I played one during the flight) and my GF’s wraith kept getting caught on all the rocks that don’t let vehicles roam.
So its only warthog, ghosts, and wasps that are useful. All because either the maps aren’t made with vehicles in mind, and the physics is so bad that it makes others useless.
[Keep in mind my GF and I aren’t going to play campaign until co-op is out so no spoilers please] but I keep hearing that vehicles in campaign suffer from the balancing and physics issues too.
It seems like the vehicles in general are suffering right now. And since btb as a mode was intended for wide-open maps with lots of vehicles, the whole mode suffers.

Yes, the br and commando spawns are random too. On deadlock for example one side could get two br under the base and the other side could get two commandos. The next time you get that map on the same side as you had before the weapons could be different. You could have two commandos or two brs or a commando and br. Also the weapons that spawns to the sides of the base are different every game, it is totally random. One spot could have a shock riffle one game and the same spot next time could have a plasma pistol. It’s totally random and not how btb should be. It takes the skill completely out of it and puts way to much luck into it. Imagine if fatal (one of the best btb teams in h5) and allegiance (one of the best btb teams in h5) matched in infinite btb and fatal gets two brs under the base and allegiance gets two commandos, the games over. The team that gets brs has a huge advantage.

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You say that but your way of going about it was by far the least diverse or smart way to tackle a vehicle you could do

There are currently only 4 playlists.

I only play BTB for the challenges, I am not a masochist. I have yet to meet someone in Infinite who plays BTB for fun and actually enjoys it. Even my hardcore BTB friends from the MCC hate it because of the spawn imbalance.

Yeah that’s a problem ,but at the least there’s defintly a set of weapons that will spawn in an area ,but the fact that in BTB one side gets BRs and the other commandos like in Behemoth is absurd… either both teams should get BRs or commandos or a mix of the two, but the spawns should NOT be diffrent from each other.

Deadlock balancing is horrible, I have had many games where one team gets two shock rifle spawns while my team only had a stalker rifle spawn in comparison. Our team could not do anything against the two shock rifles and we got our heads obliterated.

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