Btb is horrible in infinite and isn't even balanced right

This isn’t even remotely balanced we were playing btb domination and one side of the map had ZERO B.Rs while the other team had B.Rs and had nothing but wasps drop for them on their side of the map. Then most of the game we had 3+ wasps circling our spawn while their teams capped the objectives.

Wtf is this 343? This is the most unbalanced game I’ve ever played in my life. Did you even test it? Look at this

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I wish I could even get into a match like that at this point.

Why would you wanna play an unbalanced match like that?

Why didn’t the team take down the wasps? Even with two players focusing on the wasps they go down pretty quickly.

I usually end up taking them down solo with shock weapons/grenades or by just focusing my fire on it every time I spawn.

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No idea but like I said weapons were also unbalanced the other team had brs and most power weapons while we got needlers and the commando

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I wouldn’t ideally. But at this point BTB servers are so bad that it takes forever for the game to connect to a match. I’ll take what I can get at this point.

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They have made btb completely unskilled. It comes down to rng. I have had many games where one side gets all the brs and the other only gets commando. Also many games where one side will get dropped a wasp, tank or wraith and the other side will not get dropped any vehicle. There is zero skill in infinite btb, they have made it so any new player to halo will be able to come in and at least get a few kills or even win against experienced players. It’s why they gave us ar/sidekick instead of br/sidekick.


Wasp spawn on both sides of the map in High power ,but the weapon spawns are not balanced at all one team will get a ravenger and one team will get a Hydra and one team will get a commando and the other the Battle rifle and that’s just the base spawns there’s more further from the base…


Sometimes wasp spawn on both sides. But I have had many games where one side gets a wasp and the other side gets nothing or one will get a banshee and the other a wasp. There is no comparison between the most powerful wasp in any halo btb and the worst banshee in halo. In order for btb to be good it needs to have consistent and fair spawns, like every other halo. Right now most of the best btb players from MCC and H5 won’t play btb because of the randomness. Or will only play if they have 8-12 people.


Empty a clip in the wasp
Die from the wasp
Repeat the process 6 times

“I don’t understand why people call it unbalanced”


The (biggest) reason BTB is horrible in Infinite is that they apply very strong skill based matchmaking to it. That’s the only reason you feel all the balance issues like commando vs BR… Because 343 wants BTB to be 24 equally skilled players sweating it out as if it was the HCS ranked playlist.

If 343 would go back to very loose SBMM, I think it would be less annoying that there are balance problems with weapon/vehicle distribution.

And if they would cut out the nonsense of weapon/vehicle drops mid match and just spawn them in normally, that would help too.

Honestly it’s bad enough that I can see myself going back to MCC.

I don’t understand playing BTB with an expectation of a tightly balanced game. It’s mostly for kids to run around in warthogs with no gunner, getting sniped from clear across the map, and being run down by a banshee.

If you want balance that’s what the 4 v 4 matches are for.

Sounds like you need to diversify your playstyle fella.

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If you cannot get your hands on a power weapon and the wasp pilot isnt a complete moron then killing them is next near to impossible. Especially on the map where they both spawn, if the other team cannot coordinate then its an easy 30-0 for me

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You don’t even need a power weapon… Wasps with good drivers aren’t free to takedown but they also can’t do too much damage if you’re putting pressure on them and making them keep their distance.

Its called missiles? You can shoot them then duck back to cover, very easy, and unless like 7 people are laying into it theres a likely chance that the wasp is going to kill you.
Im not saying the wasp is op, but that it provides an advantage to a team especially if its dropped on their side, and with random spawns, that makes things unbalanced

use the hydra or the battlerifle i’ve knocked out wasp with both… you don’t need a power weapon… you could probably use other long range weapons like the commando and if you lucky a dynamo grenade could catch it.

Missiles on the wasp are best vs vehicles due to their lock on ability…

And whats the hydra? A power weapon…
Again im not saying the wasp is the problem, its the random vehicle spawns that dramatically shift the tide of the game thats the problem

The hydra doesn’t spawn on a power weapon pad. on high power it spawns right next to the commando/Battlerifle.