BTB Heavies should not be random

Having ghosts and gungooses spawning in from the pelicans is just odd in my opinion. They should be spawning in heavy vehicles only. And why is it randomized? The enemy team sometimes gets a wraith and my team gets a gungoose. Like, how fair is that? Its not even when the match is uneven or anything, it can happen at any point.

Another thing is that having these heavy vehicles rare makes it harder to complete the weekly challenges that wants you to get kills with a banshee for example. Ive played 10 matches now without even seeing one. And if it spawns in, theres a very low chance that I get to play with it cuz the whole match will be rushing for it.

Having heavy vehicles at spawn like the good old days would be nice. But if 343 really wants this new system they should have heavies spawning at the beginning of the match at least. It just makes the whole match more interesting and fair.

Thanks for reading!