BTB Heavies Map spawns need fixing..

I’m either spawn killing the other team into rage quiting or I’m the one being spawn killed. The game type idea is brilliant, but the maps need a major spawn system makeover.

Your thoughts?

EDIT: For starters, remove all the spawn zones to open up the spawn point variety around the map.

I played two games, one on Breakpoint, which I proceeded to spawn kill the other team a lot, however, the second one I played on a new Forge World map was perfectly fine, no team pushed either to be spawn killed, it was fair play all the way through.

I think it’s okay. The issue, is when your team begins to quit or is taking casualties at an un-attainable rate (6 guys trying to out run a ghost on open ground with no armour lock), you will get driven back the base sooner or later. Where the enemy team will usually pin you inside with a Warthog or some other vehicle. During this time, they will revert to their barbarian roots and proceed to rape, pillage, steal and kill everything, and they’d set the place on fire if they could to. It is highly recommended you do not return to the base when this is happening.
Fall back, regroup and try to drive them off. If it seems immpossible or is immpossible to drive them back, fall back, and start doing some guerilla and hit and run tactics otherwise your finished, and unfortunantly you’ll probably be finished anyway but, hey it’s better to go down being annoying as possible and try to take down all that you can.

I’ve not got on to play it yet, what sort of weapons do you spawn with? If it’s heavy weapons, you should be able to take a few down with you.

@WulfwoodsSins: I just tried the game mode. I just realized I mis-read his post. My post was referring to the standard BTB, the principles in my earlier post still apply though. But, anwyays, BTB Heavies is a game mode centered on Heavy Vehilicular Combat. Tanks, Warthogs, etc. etc. mixed in with all of our AV (Anti-Vehicle) weapons. It’s pretty crazy, not to mention fun!

Both teams spawn with Tanks, Falcons, Warthogs and Ghosts. There’s lots of sniper rifles, Rocket Launchers and lasers but you have to find them on the map.

It’s defintly more fun than standard BTB, as it actually requires team work and stratergy to take down the oppositions vehicles. You can’t just run and charge.

The first day I played this I found where the lasers were and most of the rockets, frg and hammer. I took down so many falcons with the laser it was hilarious, double and triple kills every time. Using the falcon on those maps is a death trap. The first game I played it on was Cragmire which I got 40 kills on, most of which were using the rocket launcher. However I have gotten a number of bizarre deaths the past 2 days. Today I was in a wraith and someone was shooting me, and a second later it said I was dead, and my body was on the other side of the screen. Other times I’m on a ghost and suddenly it says I commited suicide and end up again on the opposite side of the map.

1st game I played, full of lag, needless to say getting hit by invisible Wraith shots was rather frustrating