BTB Fiesta should be permanently added to BTB playlist

Just looking for a show of hands so that if 343 sees this, they can get an idea of what the playerbase wants, as 343 seem to be walking a maze blind at the best of times.

As a regularly casual BTB player, I love the idea of btb especially btb fiesta where it’s kinda of chaotic but is a lot more fun for the BTB playerbase, id like to petition to have Fiesta moved into the standard BTB playlist, all I’ve ever thought is that the standard playlist doesn’t have anywhere near enough variation in gamemodes and maps, adding fiesta would completely double that and leave room for other social gamemodes to be added to the social rotational playlist


btb social should be a permanent playlist on its own. no downside in a playlist where you can try out all power weapons and vehicles on the largest maps with the most players.

No issues with spawn farming in btb social either


Did they take it out after adding it post Yappening event? That’s a real shame. Social BTB was the best.

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Nah it’s still there to this day, but it’s being taken out after the winter update happens and we won’t see it till Christmas, and from then on we will see it for like a week or two every two months, which is a real shame for sure, I’m an Australian player and didn’t care if the ping was bad, which it was. i would understand if they were actually going to be adding more then just another map to the playlist something need to happen to spice up the playlist.

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