BTB feels empty

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BTB is empty. Literally can take upwards of 10 mins to find a game in halo CE or halo 2.
also, although the community clearly wants tanks in BTB, 343 is refusing to add them back in. It’s just not fun without them. More importantly, it’s not the original game. I had made a post on this before and it got taken down for “spam”??? Why does 343 hate tanks? What do you think and can we have some sort of input from 343 about this?

It seems that heavy modes are being added very slowly.
In H3 BTB it is now possible to find some heavy mode, but me too, I would like more

What exactly are you searching? I (almost) exclusively play BTB 1 and 2. I have halo 1 and 2 selected and all objectives. After like 5pm EST I never wait more than a minute or two for a game. If it’s especiallt slow, I’ll add slayer to the mix.l, which seems to be even faster.