BTB Custom games map | Testers wanted.

Ayo, people.

I’ll just let out and say I made this one map yesterday, had a few runs on it with certain gametypes, and applied some hot fixes to have this map 99.9% playable. It’s based around the map Impact.
The map is called “3X3 (INDEV.beta|V1.1.1),” and some notable features include:

-Large/Gigantic map.
-Asymmetrical and symmetrical (balanced).
-Urban/Spacey environment.
-2 Scorpions.
-2 Warthogs.
-2 Mongooses.
-2 Ghosts.
-3 Initially spawned weapons (1 Incineration Cannon, 2 Beam Rifles).
-Custom Gametypes.

If you’d like to help test out this map tonight or tomorrow, message me (GT: ZonyRecon954) ASAP. We’ll try out Dominion (3 bases), CTF, KOTH, Extraction, and Slayer. Note that the gametypes are customized for balancing (fixed loadouts, ordnance drops, etc.). So, yeah.
“3X3” Patch Notes:
Indev. Alpha:
0.1.0| Idea brainstormed.
1.0.0| Base map complete.
1.0.1| Removed initial ordnance drops.
1.0.2| Dominion gametype added.
Indev. Beta:
1.0.0| Base map available to the public.
1.0.1| “3X3” Beta Slayer gametype added.
1.0.2| Dominion gametype revised and edited.
1.0.3| Soft kill/Kill boundaries added.
1.0.4| Dominion gametype removed.
1.0.5| Terrain modified.
1.1.0| Dominion gametype re-added.
1.1.1| Capture the Flag, Extraction and KOTH gametypes implemented.
See ya’ll soon.
~ Zony
P.S.: Game highlights will be compacted into a gameplay trailer (YT: WarriorAssassins101).
P.S.S.: This map is 1 of 3 maps in my upcoming Halo 4: Warrior’s Map Pack (inspired by my Halo 3 Warrior’s Map Pack - the first non-profit fileshare DLC I made).


“3X3” Patch Notes:

Indev. Beta:
1.1.2| Terrain modified, again. Kill boundaries added game-specific to Flood. Initial loadout cameras moved for convenience.


“3X3” Patch Notes:

Indev. Beta:
1.1.3| “3X3” has been renamed to “Four Corners.”

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A reveal trailer for my upcoming Halo 4: Warrior’s Map Pack is now on YouTube showcasing “Four Corners,” “Checkpoint Romeo,” and “MLG Octagon.” FOUND HERE.

I’m still waiting on reliable map testers to experiment w/ “Four Corners,” and as of now, “Checkpoint Romeo” and “MLG Octagon” are also available to the public. Send a FR/message to my gamertag: ZonyRecon954 if you’re interested. Thanks.


“Four Corners” Patch Notes:

Indev. Beta:
1.2.0| Terrain modified, again. Scorpions replaced by Warthogs. Base Warthogs replaced by mongooses. BETA gametypes excluding Oddball and Grifball complete. Flood gametype given game-specific conditions (balancing issue). Easter eggs implemented.