BTB coming week 3? Maybe in "Strongholds"?

Overall I enjoyed the H5 beta and have very few complaints.

Really hoping for BTB week 3. BTB truly needs to be tested in this beta to prevent the problems that we had in TMCC.

Yeah hopefully. 4vs4 slayer has never been my go to gametype but it is actually fun. BTB will be great though.

BTB is about all I have ever enjoyed in Halo. We don’t know much about how “strongholds” will work in week 3 but I am truly hoping it involves BTB. 343 absolutely MUST include BTB in this beta. Otherwise they will run the risk of having the exact same BTB problems TMCC has right now.

There is not going to be any BTB in the beta. This beta is focusing exclusively on 4v4. Also somewhere I saw a clip of strongholds being played on empire

This is a beta for the arena multiplayer experience (4v4/ competitive), other multiplayer experiences will be previewed and likely tested in the future.