BtB Challenges Despite Known Issues

I don’t understand why there are still BTB related challenges even though there is a known issue with matchmaking. I have failed to connect about 80% of the time in solo queues. Even when I do connect, the matches are horribly out of balance (my last matches were 5v12 and 6v12). Keeping BtB challenges in the rotation right now just seems asinine to me.

Yep, I’ve pretty much given up on my weekly capstone. 3 BTB challenges, and I can barely connect to a game, let alone get the right gametype for them.

I just won’t have the recycled emblem I guess. Not going to waste swaps on this -Yoink!-ery. Nice try 343i.

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Yeah it really feels like 343 told us good luck with that, we’re going on vacation and don’t care. How does a game release broken and two weeks later the entire company take a two week vacation?

Does anyone else feel like a ton of AAA games just consistently have terrible quality over holidays for the last 5-6 years? It seems like company’s are always trying to release a patch in November to stabilize the game before holiday break, but then it tanks the game systems for 1+ months until devs get back.


343: “But you can buy challenge swaps and just swap them out?”

They should at least hand us some challenge swaps for the amount we had to waste because we couldn’t connect to BTB matches. Least they could do (once the issues are resolved).

I totally get the team taking a holiday break, I don’t have any issues with that. And I also understand that some issues will go unresolved as a result. I just think that alongside the post regarding the BtB issues they should have also disabled any related challenges. That seems like an intuitive step to take from a dev team that has been bombarded with challenge-related feedback since launch. I love the game play and I’m trying to see through some of the smaller issues, but these weekly challenge grinds are honestly just agonizing at times. Throw the BtB challenge issue on top and it’s really just souring the multi-player experience for me.

Pressure to meet an unreasonable deadline. In all honesty, I’m sure they are as sick of all the game issues as the rest of us are.


I have an issue with it. Obviously I want people to have enough family time, but an entire company for two whole weeks is a bit ridiculous. Don’t schedule a game launch two weeks before your entire company leaves for an extended period of time.

Fair enough - I totally agree that the timing for launch was crap and was awfully poor planning, knowing there are always post-launch issues. I’ve just missed enough holidays for work that I don’t really wish that on anyone, regardless of reason.