BTB, BR Starts?

BTB needs be starts. The maps are pretty big so that means your engagements will mostly be medium to long range. Because of the fact that we start with ARs and Pistols it makes these kinds of fights very awkward. I also don’t like to have to wait at the pickup spots just to grab a BR that I may or may not even get.


We’ll likely see changes made soon. The demand is pretty high. I watched a custom earlier 12v12 BR starts and it runs pretty nice.


I would be nice. As it stands rn games devolve into pot shots across the map with the Sidekick.

Please give us br starts, AR starts are just not fun.

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I have to disagree do to the current sbmm thats in this game. My lobbies are already super sweaty and giving everyone the ability to melt at mid to long range sounds like a horrible idea. If the sbmm was toned down then I would be more open to this idea.


We just need the damn CHOICE to select br starts BTB, let the others who want ar pistol starts play in their own lobbies. The only reason I play ranked is for the br starts atm :clown_face::man_shrugging:t2:. Currently diamond 3, almost 4. I wouldn’t be playing this sweatfest if btb had the precision slayer option from mcc.

It 1000% needs BR starts


Nah, AR starts make you fight for weapon drops more often, rather than just using the BR the whole game since the BR is a pretty powerful weapon on its own.


While I do agree that BTB maps in this game tend to make for some awkward starter weapon engagements, having BR starts would probably turn each match into a camp fest. Plus you would likely see a lot less variety in engagements since the BR trounces just about every non power weapon in the game.

That said, a lot of folks are into those types of matches, why not throw BR starts in the queue.


(20 character thing)

totally agree BTB needs BR start.

Or make a Wave Emoji so when i see an enemy spartan 40 yards away my guy can wave to him since i cant shoot him with the AR.


BR starts is definitely a must in BTB. Plz 343i listen to us.

If other weapons aren’t as good because of BR starts then buff them

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So your saying make every weapon able to kill people on the other side of the map? Not going to happen. If BR starts become a thing in BTB then we simply lose the diverse sandbox we have currently where all sorts of weapons see use, and people can move about the map a lot more freely. It will devolve into just camping, and long range shootouts. We KNOW this because that’s what happened in every other Halo BTB that 343 added BR starts to. In those you cannot move anywhere unless your in a vehicle. It especially sucks for Objective modes.

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I can understand that people want BR starts in BTB but I can honestly see how it will be. Every map will play different and all it will be is people pinned down shooting from cover from both sides of the the map. We all experienced this in Halo 3 and it was worse in Reach with the DMR. At the moment I’m happy that we get to run and gun again its fun being able to run out into the open and use different weapons. When everyone has BR’s why would you need a different weapon!

People will camp if they want to camp. It doesn’t matter what you give them at the start. If the BR doesn’t have insane range ppl will be more inclined to push. Teams didn’t just sit back in old halo games and never push or pick up other weapons. I’ve played this franchise way more than most ppl have. I’ve played so much btb over the years that what you’re saying makes no sense.

If anything it helps everyone, especially in situations where you’re in a spawn trap. Ppl can’t just pepper ppl with the AR at range or be forced to run to a weapon rack that has already been used.

The whole argument that nobody picks up other weapons is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I’ve never seen that EVER!