BTB big team battle

I have a splendid idea I don’t know if the community agrees on it and I don’t think 343 are going to be very happy with this but could be possible could we have the big team battle as the next season is going to fall on Halo infinite very shortly in the future to come

Could it be possible on the next season could it be possible for a snow map for big team battle as you did with the release of Halo 5 Halo 3 as it’s coming up to the autumn season and the winter season continuously

Concern if you can bring it to the patient of Halo infinite I believe many of the fans will really appreciate this new map structure if it’s been developed to big team or even a small map representing the cold winter

It’ll be quite a phoned up the fans on a breeder send me disagree or agree with this I believe a map should be conclusively launch on the launch date especially when the next season it’s always then many Thanks with 343 Industries reading this information and fun views as well

Under flight request as one looking at the Old previous location of Halo in Halo 3 Halo 4 and Halo 5 when you look down in Halo Infinite there are no legs could it be possible could we have a request bringing those back into the

contents as you find all the budgies notification and information to deal logging of your information which turned over to 343 industry I know this is going to be a usual crash and maybe some bugs and issues which may follow this

And also I’ve discovered as well a little tentacle issue when you hit that quick play quick resume on Halo everything starts to glitch out kooding title where your season passes your Gamertag and also the notification of matchmaking takes a while to reboot up when you go into quick resume

REF: Custom Games!

Don’t Worry Bud there will be plenty of snow maps In FORGE. We can turn any map into a snow map. Now we may get a Avalanche map which will be a snow map. But I plan to turn that Avalanche into a Desert Map as soon as we get Forge! We have some mods also in my maps! ( 3 for sure to start with :smile: )

Example! Zipline, Auto fill ammo box and ejection seat!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

Remake of Avalance is said to be coming but honestly my expectations for 343 is at an all time low until they can show me some really tangible improvements to the game.