BTB and Arena Focused Spartan Company

The Champions of Orion are looking for skilled players who like to have a good time while we do our best to work together toward the win. (Because lets be real it’s always more fun to win) Communication is key as we are trying to build an enjoyable community as well as a competitive company. We play pretty much every game type including hosting custom game nights from time to time, but we mainly focus on Team Arena and BTB lobbies. We are a very active company (active daily) looking for equally active players to join in on the good times. We are not a Company whose main concern is to get the Achilles armor, however with how active we are, we are nearly done getting the armor and will be moving on to the helmet soon. If you think you might fit our company feel free to check out our page, read our Bio, and submit your application. You can message me personally if you have any questions. Thanks for checking us out.

  • XSmokeTekniqueX -
    The Champions of Orion

Feel Free to keep sending in Application requests. We are still open to New Members as long as you fit in.

We are still looking for a few more competitive players to join our ranks for some company vs company battles. Feel free to keep sending in the applications guys.

few more competitive spots open for company vs company matches and team arena grinding. Spots open for casual players too. keep sending in those applications people.