You can play as a spartan or an elite in multiplayer, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could be a brute also?

If this was Halo: Battlefront, maybe. As Halo 4, nah.

welcome to waypoint mate! It would be cool but, we need to see what halo 4 has in store for us! Not even shure if any covies will be in the game. Nice idea though.

We don’t even know if elites will be in multiplayer, let alone brutes.
There’s no way of telling.

I guess it would be somewhat inaccurate to the story line if you could be a spartan and be on the same team as a brute. However, it would be a nice feature.

yes i agree hell, if they through brutes in I want my grunt fella’s haha.

Ha ha. It would be pretty funny if they had a playlist where everyone played as a grunt. I like that idea even better than the brutes!

It would be pretty cool cause they could be yelling crazy things grunts say and it just would be fun even if it was a customs only. It would be sweet playing infection and when zombies would come they would start screaming their high pitch yelps lol.

That would be a great feature to have. All three were pretty much the same in Halo 3. Though they would most proably be turned into midgets the size of MC just like they did to the Elites.

I like fighting the primal brutes, the ones in halo 2. Though they aren’t as sophisticated like they are now, they are much more fun to mess with. They just start charging you like a mad man, it gave you a sense of rush.

I would want spartans, elites, brutes, flood combat form, (forerunner ?) to be playable as different skins for multiplayer.