Brutes Flood and Forerunners

These three factions have had alot of attention with halo 5. In one of the first esculation comics we meet Lydus one of the first jirahane willing to nigotiate. This brings to question could we see some friendly brutes in halo 5 working alongside the swords and UNSC. Then we have the flood. There was the flood spore on SOF drifting near a planet. Then we have the prophecy of humans trial to reclaim the mantle this is the reclaimer saga after all so humanity will have to be tested sometime so we will see the flood but will it happen in halo 5. And lastly the forerunners. Bornsteller and chant and several other forerunners fled the galaxy and there’s some people that say the librarian is still alive on earth in a cryptum so we know at least a small group of forerunners survived I feel somehow they may of been informed of the activation of the composers or the awaking of the didact so may we see more of the forerunners in halo 5 as a whole force. After all at the New York toy fair we got to see the forerunner phaeton and a strange non promethian figure that looks like a warrior servent. We also have the anomalies which may be the activation of the “Gaurdians” I belive there’s more than one of them if you look at the E3 2013 trailer and the new one for the poster the head is some way different. So these anomalies may be those or large slipspace events caused by the flood of forerunners or maybe even the precursors. What do you guys think?

Really would like to see all these species in Halo 5…specially Forerunners
Well, I think deepspace anomalies are likely provocated by Flood, or…Forerunners…but who knows at this point !

Although I’d like to see brutes again, I’m not sure if an alliance between brutes and humans would fit well with the lore

Additionally, I’m confident that we’ll see forerunners in some shape or form, however I think the flood will get reintroduced not so early…probably in h6?

I really want to see some precursors.

I agree the brute human alliance would be somewhat difficult probably alot of brutes would not like this idea but I can’t get the image out of my head in that esculation comic where there’s the squad of Spartans with palmer the elites with Thel and the brutes with Lydus all standing together as one.

I want to see an army of Primordial looking flood. Or maybe some precursors that survived the flood infection.

i would like brutes to return. But not Halo 3 armored. Halo 2 ones

With sizes now mattering in a game like Halo… Seeing as the great MC is only 7 feet tall and everything else is either same height or larger in terms on Alien size…<—(fact)

Will we be seeing monstrous sized brutes? <—(Question)

These great towering 12 foot tall berserkers that turn anything in it’s way into a ragged doll.<—(Fact)

Or are we keeping it to the same size all the time? <—(Question based off of Halo 3)

Guess that’s were people thought that playable brutes came from <—(Speculation)

But back to the topic seeing as Halo 5 is new and all do you think we will get to see something like the brutes, make a return fully updated and ready to rumble?<—(Question almost trying to sell the idea)

Well what do you think? <—(Question for reflection)

Are our heavyweight brutes ready to renter the ring one more time and claim the title? Shall we get the chance to once again take them all 15 rounds?<—(Selling the idea and showing a bit of love)

Or is that beating the dead horse? Or in this case the badly beaten brutes? <—(Question again selling the idea)