Brutes featured in Halo 4: Spartan Ops?

Whilst I was browsing the Internet for more Halo 4 footage like everyone else, I stumbled upon some new Spartan Ops footage of the mission, ‘Land Grab’.

However it was what I found after which interested me the most. The author of the video had noticed and suggested he had seen what appeared to be a Brute featuring on-game in the same mission. Land Grab. The images and footage s quite distorted so the appearance of the enemy, even if it is a Brute is quite difficult to examine. The movement of the enemy however does hold the same characteristics of a Brute, leaping toward enemy with what appears to be a Gravity Hammer which has been confirmed in Halo 4.

Now Frankie did state in response to a question regarding Brutes in Halo 4, “No they are not - but this is some story stuff I can’t get into.” This leads me to the point that we know Spartan Ops takes place after Halo 4’s Campaign, therefore fictionally, it contains alternative factors. One of these factors may well be Brutes arriving on Requiem.

I’ll leave it up to you guys to post your views.


All credit goes towards the YouTube user, MathChief11.

Those are hunters, but you never know they may be featured in spartan ops later?

This was discussed yesterday, and in the end people finally chose to believe it was a hunter.

Well I heard last night that apprently:

Brutes are coming back and the Brute Shot is coming back on Halo 5 etc…OT: I can’t wait for Spartan Ops! I think Brutes are definitely not returning on Halo 4.

> This was discussed yesterday, and in the end people finally chose to believe it was a hunter.

Did not see a similar thread yesterday as for the reason posting it myself. The quality is quite poor which does mean it is hard to determine what type of enemy it is. The angle is the biggest issue though as it could most probably be a Hunter charging but at it’s angle it appears to be a Gravity Hammer.

I myself have not made my mind up yet, it purely took my interest when watching the video suggesting Brutes and thought it worthy of a discussion point.

Looks like a Hunter to me. In the second video, before he slows the footage down, you can see it charge toward the player. If you click pause and play quickly, you can slow the video down, and you can make out the Hunter more easily. You can see the spikes and the distinctive orange weakpoints.