Brutes as a Faction for Multiplayer

Why isn’t this still in-game yet. I guess we are lucky to even elites in the case. I along with many of friends still believe it should have been in game since halo 3! it would be so cool and yes they are more powerful but something can be done to make it fit. Because there is hardly any elite skin let alone armor choices. An there isn’t even elites in halo 4. come on now. where is variety!

This is off topic but halo should have other game modes like gears and the beast mode. playing as the lowest of the grunts and working up and battling as hunters against others.

An involve food in multiplayer. We need more fun in these games!

The Halo version of Beast mode would be welcome but brutes in MP would be dodgy again because they have different hit boxes being taller and all.

flood shouldnt be in multiplayer besides infection possibly with little infection forms, though it would be a bit pointless. As a forge option then maybe,

as for the brutes being taller im sure players can adjust.

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> as for the brutes being taller im sure players can adjust.

It alters the hitboxs making the matches unfair, it was bad enough with the elite’s neck being not part io the hitbox leading to it taking no damage when shot.

I remember on Halo PC we made a Custom Edition and were able to play as Grunts, Jackals, Elites, Hunters, Brutes and fly anything. They really should open that up for Machinima purposes on the X1

I like the idea of allowing you to choose brutes as a multiplayer skin, maybe even make them and elites armor more customisable (like reach for spartans?) really make it more personal for you.