Brute Prowler, Gauss Warthog, Elephant, and Mammoth should all return

In Halo Infinite, I want to see these vehicles return they happen to be so awesome to use and most certainly, we can see the Banished using Brute Prowlers because the Banished do in fact use them as these vehicles are in service with the Banished.


Bringing back the Elephant would be great, especially for Forge, imagine grappling from friendly Elephants to enemy Elephants to capture the objective (★‿★)

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So anyways, we’ll need to make sure those awesome vehicles are to return.

The Gauss Warthog will return at some point I’m positive. I wouldn’t worry about that one.

The Elephant needs a large enough map designed for it to drive on. Maybe one day we’ll get a BTB remake of Sandtrap.

The Prowler? Meh, I’d rather have the Spectre at that point. They’ve tried to make the “Covenant Warthog” multiple times in different ways and it never really panned out. It just tries to fill a role that’s already filled by the Warthog.