Brute Plasma Variants

Is anyone else seeing two other brute plasma variants in their Req cards? Sorrow of Teash and Scale of Soirapt? Are these in the game? Or is this an oversight and accidental tease at next months reqs?

It might be an oversight. I saw them too. All of them are gone now for me.

yes saw it, I bet one of them is blue

Screenshot the descriptions.

I was these yesterday, have they been removed? I thought they were like a bonus they snook in for us. One was just like fury for the storm rifle, better heat dissapation etc and the higher tier one I think could be used as an insta kill melee weapon.

I saw them but they’re gone now.

343i has yet to confirm if these will be in game or not so we all have to be patient about how they go about this update. im sure things will be available soon after the servers are calmed down after turbo is up. until then, just grind for all the NOBLE sets in game.