Brute Plasma Rifle and Scarab Skull

Not sure if this has been posted before or anything, but ive been grabbing the skulls in halo 2 on mcc pc, when loading into the uprising level with the scarab skull, sputnik skull and bandana skull I manage to recreate a hard game crash every time whenever I fire the brute plasma rifle, after the first shot of the weapon the game will lock, then after a second or two it will black screen, after forcing the game to close by getting windows to restart then cancelling the restart an error message appears for a short glimpse then closes so ive not managed to get the error message screen grab yet, but this bug if fairly easy to recreate as its as soon as you fire with the brute plasma rifle.

I’m a week late on this, but yeah been having the same issue. I submitted a support ticket, you might want to do the same. In the mean time I recommend to set the Window Mode to “Borderless” whenever you use the Scarab Skull. You’ll be able to open the Task Manager and force quit the game without using your restart method.

I am having the same issue. I will file a bug report about it as soon as I find out how.

Old thread but it’s getting bumped because it’s still an issue. I really thought this was an error on my end until I looked into it. Legendary Halo 2, on High Charity. Picked up Brute Plasma Rifle, using Scarab, Envy, and Sputnik skulls, locks up the game when trying to fire. Running AMD 2700x and MSI 2080 Ti if that helps