I would love to see an achievement regarding the brute that we saw, it seems that the community liked it a lot and the 343i team already seem to be fans.
-I will put a list of how the achievement could be obtained and if the community likes it, it would be great if it is implemented in Halo Infiniti.

  • "Craig upset" Hit the first Brute during the anti-area battery mission - “hey hey! what are you doing here?” Has killed Craig after crash landing - “Do not underestimate me!” You let Craig hit you so you can beat him upIf you like the subject it would be great if it were a reality thanks…:video_game::heart::joy:

I love the idea.
But just to be clear people don’t like Craig… he just looks like a 360 model character which is a shame

God is that sounds fun! Maybe craig looks better at the end of the product and is recognizable or maybe somehow identifies but I really don’t see anyone complaining, the ones who attack are the brand fanboys but we shouldn’t mind …:heart::video_game::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: