Brute chopper feedback

Just giving my two cents. See what you think, agree or disagree.

This thing is crazy. Feels like my spartan is driving drunk when using it. The slightest bump tips it or sends it spiralling. I’ve been flung from it more times than I’ve killed with it.
The base speed is a little too slow, needs a tad base speed boost.
Cannons seem decent when you get the sucker stable enough to actually line up a shot.
The ram could use a damage boost, if I’m boosting head on at a warthog, that sucker should not make it out of that collision.
Definitely needs some tune up with stabilisation so it doesn’t flip, spiral or barrel roll when hitting bumps or obstacles.

Ultimately it’s not as good or fun as halo 3 choppers. Until tuning is done, I’ll probably leave this on the field and walk. That’s my two cents.



I loved the 3 chopper, this thing is weak replacement. Because the satisfying thing with the chopper was chopping things.


This frankly goes for the warthog as well

Besides the flaccid boost (which I actually think is a symptom of the other problem) the main issue is the lack of any weight to vehicles (and everything else), it’s like they’re made of styrofoam with how they bounce around.

Yeah i agree with you that the Chopper feels clunky and i feel that you getting ejected too much because you drove over a tiny rock that flipped the chopper

Ramming with speed boost on other vehicles needs to be increased like it was in Halo 3 there it instantly explodes a warthog, that is so satisfying

I dont think it needs any higher base speed because the cannons and the speed boost is very good and you ending up flying more with the vehicle .

4 of my friends also agrees the chopper does not feel right.