Brute Arc Weapons/Equipment

I don’t think this is being talked about so I’m just gonna be the one to say it.

I absolutely and completely despise the arc weapons and equipment. Vehicle sandboxes in BTB are non-existent in those game modes unless you get the drop on those using these and other power weapons before they have a chance to lay into you.

Any chance at playing in a Scorpion, a Wraith, a Wasp, a Banshee, hell even a Warthog or Mongoose is null and void almost immediately when you try to play them. What is supposed to be its own solid section of the sandbox and is supposed to be a decent game changer in any other Halo is now completely and absolutely rendered useless by the veritable smorgasbord of items countering them.

Where once you could count on there being at least one person with a sniper and they’d have to lay in a decent chunk of shots into your hull? You can now take like maybe four-six shots on a good day in a scorpion and it’s basically either destroyed or already on its way to being so.

How did we counter this in past games? We used vehicle tactics and hid our tanks until we could get a shot on that pesky sniper or someone else did. That or just did what work we could from cover.

Now? On top of being frozen by Arc grenades, getting splashed with arc pistols and arc rifles to never be able to maneuver whatsoever no matter how hard you try you now also get hit with the skewer, the rocket launcher, the sniper, the cindershot, the other tank, grenades and maybe a paper umbrella if you’re feeling frisky.

Point is; Before? all we had to worry about was the enemy team laying in sniper shots or someone having the occasional plasma pistol to lock it down long enough to get in close and that’s if they were close enough to do so or were smart enough not to do so in an enclosed area so that the tank couldn’t just retaliate but that was the beauty of dealing with Tanks and vehicles. They weren’t supposed to be easy to deal with. They were supposed to be challenging and required the team to get their collective crap together to deal with it.

Point is? Vehicles are useless with the options available in the sandbox at this time to just completely and utterly decimate them. Sure you can get a great vehicle game maybe once or twice every other night but it’s not like before when you had to really rely on your team or your own tanks/aerial vehicles to handle the enemies in theirs. Now, with the amount of choice and availability of these weapons on the maps vehicles are well and truly useless and serve virtually no purpose but to be stolen or blown up.

Maybe they need a buff to their armor or something to make them more viable (I know I’ve been asking for the Wasp to not be such a paper tiger since Halo 5) but even then? It doesn’t change the issue of the weapons sandbox and how, right now, there is an overabundance of powerful, ridiculous counters freely available at nearly all times for multiple people.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I find the shock-class weapons interesting, but totally undeserving of the EMP status effect. The Disruptor, Shock Rifle and Dynamo Grenades all EMP vehicles in an unhealthy way (either too easily (Shock Rifle & Dynamos) or not good enough (Disruptor)). I think all three items need to be redesigned. The Shock Coil is ok though.

Yep, so many items can deal decisive damage to vehicles, it’s hard to stay alive for a minute. Pretty much the Plasma Pistol, Pulse Carbine and Stalker Rifle are the only guns that can’t harm vehicles. Everything else completely decimates them.

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I think if you’d at LEAST have to hit a vehicle directly with a Shock Grenade just like a Sticky. Cutting out the AoE, it would improve things. Or lower the duration to only have the EMP active while the nade is still active. If the nade runs out the EMP effect should end instantly.


yup this has been said a lot

EDIT: I don’t agree with it tho.

It’s the exact same problem the Power Drain had in H3, except now you get 2 at a time, the lightning arcs off objects, and the things are on like a 15 second timer.

I agree but now there is 4-8 on each BTB map total plus the shock weapons.

And they often aren’t in a contested location either.

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