bruh the music tho...

Surprisingly the bot tech demo is enjoyable gameplay wise. The aim assist and sniper rifle def need tweaked but other than that this game is fun

The music is great too. I sometimes find myself listening to it in the lobby before searching for a match. Anyone else like the music vibes 343 is dishing out?

The soundtrack feels like Halo, gives me the Halo chills…it’s beautiful.

the soundtrack is one of the best i’ve ever head… i’m really into game and movie soundtracks… it could even be better than doom eternal (for me)

I was sold on the music ever since we got our first samples last year. I’m really pleasantly surprised at the Halo 4-esque synth tracks that I’ve heard in the main menu of the preview. The classic stuff is great and all, but I’ve always had a soft spot for H4’s OST, so having some tracks with similar motifs is fantastic! The Warthog Run-esque track is also amazing. I mean, you’d expect a great OST with so many talented folks working on it, but I think Infinite’s soundtrack is going to be something really special.

I agree. There are some amazing touch ups on the classic music as well. It just works.

Music is awesome!

100% agree. The music on Infinite SMACKS. I really enjoy the song that plays after the match has finished, it really gets me schmoovin.