brotherhood of outcast first independent clan

B.O.O is an independent clan

The Brotherhood of Outcast is an independant clan

If you are interested in joining megs gamertag ninjaspartan87

We do want you to agree to our Term of service and Use
We are a mature clan
We work as a team
We are active
We respect are members
We like to have fun too
We like making new friends here at B.O.O

What the brotherhood of outcast does, is play all kind’s of game’s with seperate branches for different games.

Members can choose to make their own branch, which they would be branch leader of. They would be in control of that part of the clan’s branch. It is also the responsibilty of the leader of that branchto recruit on his own.

we do keep a eye out for moders chaters hackers
and if you like to help us please all we ask is for your support

all so if you join i want you to think about it bez we not just a clan we are a small family and we are real in real life so what are family is all about is haveing fun but all so fighting hackers moders cheaters

here were you join

B.O.O policy

we do not allow poeople who are all ready in clan if you are all ready in a clan you cant join us even if your clan in some other game you got pick them or us

thank you
your support or join us matters

from head leader and founder ninjaspartan87

B.O.O was born on march 27 2011