broken specalizations?!?!

I bought limited edition and had access to all 8 specalizations. Recently It will only show wetwork and operator. I had access to all 8 but now only 2? What happened?

If you used both the Infinity Actual Kit (preorder bonus) code and the Specialization Priority Alpha code, you may be affected by a loading glitch.

Try this. If that doesn’t work, then consider deleting both codes, and then re-downloading just the Infinity Actual Kit from your Purchase History.

I have now noticed that sometimes it’ll show the 8 specializations and sometimes it only shows wetwork and operator (once it showed pioneer and pathfinder as well.
It usually only shows the 2(or 4) specializations when I have finished 1 specialization and ready to start another and will show all 8 when I start that specialization.

example - If I finish wetwork and ready to pick another it will only show 4 but after I pick one it will show all 8.

This has happened to me (on mulitple occasions) and I have only downloaded the rights to all 8 through the LE code. Just try restarting the game, it has worked so far for me.