BROKEN - Spartan Ops Episode 3 Chapter 5

The final mission of the newest Spartan Ops episode has proven to be unbeatable. I have played it twice; once on Normal and once on Legendary. During the defence segment, the second half of the mission, an Elite from a drop pod does not jump into the battlefield. He instead stays up on the cliffs. After clearing every other enemy in the mission, leaving him presumably as the missions final opponent, I decided to snipe him. However, he had fallen into a hole in the level’s geometry near the edge of the playable area. He was unreachable. I tried this mission again (on Legendary) and it occured again. This renders the level unfinishable. Hopefully this bug is squashed soon: I used my last 2-day Live trial to play this week’s Spartan Ops. If anyone else has had this problem, or if they’ve been able to complete the mission with no issues, please post here.

I will send you a two week trial when I get home from work Check your PM’s around 6:30PM PST.

No such trouble.

No trouble? I’ll try again now and I’ll post the results. And thanks for the trial.

i’ve played it several times now and have never had such a problem

I’m having the same problem. I used every single weapon and grenade. I managed to destroy a phantom, I tried to jet pack over, but it would let me go past a certain point… I’m sure I don’t have to tell my fellow Spartans how annoying it is to be so close to finishing a section on legendary, just so a glitch can stop you in your tracks. But yes long story short some grub is stuck back there.

Haven’t experienced this, but I have had some trouble with enemies that are much smaller then usual in episode 4.

Ep1Ch5 - four of us on Legendary. What we hadn’t realised is one of the team had “fallen” into a wall. As we polished of the remaining enemies, one by one we died and ended up re-spawning on the person in the wall. By the time there was just one enemy left we were all in the wall. We managed to kill the last enemy but couldn’t get to the evac point, so had no choice but to quit.

Second time trying this on legendary. Besides the small bit of joy I got from destroying a phantom with my DMR, this is becoming annoying hopefully someone can help me out, tomorrow ends my 14 day trial.

If it helps he’s stuck behind the hillside next to the gravity lift.

I tried again, and it turns out that our Elite friend did not get stuck in the wall this time. In case it may matter, I ran forward when I knew he spawned in case that would help coax him down before getting himself stuck in a wall. If anyone else is experiencing this, maybe try running forward when the drop pods come. Also, maybe try investigating with Promethean Vision?

I played through the entire episode with no glitches or problems

The same thing happened to me, though I was able somehow get him to fall to his death while he was stuck in the wall so I could complete the mission. All I did was use Promethean Vision to get as close to him as possible at the rock wall then fire some shots at him. Apparently, the shots made him jump back a bit which caused him to fall to his death and let me complete the mission. Hopefully this helps.

The only issue I had was the AI. All they do is bum rush you where ever you are on the map. It doesn’t matter if you camo, it doesn’t matter if you are on the the far side of the map, they will always come running at you every time you respawn. The AI in this game is horrid.

Yup same thing happened to me, he was inside the cliff.

Happened to my friends and I the first time we played through on Legendary. When we restarted we kept an eye on the cliff, and luckily the elite just, sort of, died (like what I read above somewhere).

Four player co-op legendary we used the promethean vision to get as close as possible and a needler to scare the guy and he fell off just like the previous post said. Good work around.

I’ve had that happen on two occasions, here and last Episode Chapter 5 (crawler inside the upper platform.) I’ve also had a co-op buddy fall into a platform and get stuck in the campaign. It’s just the risk you run in A. building all your structures out of energy and B. not having OSHA. But yah, it is annoying and it should definitely be fixed (since it seems like more of a systematic problem to me.)

I had this happen to me on hacksaw from the last episode. I dont know how but an elite glitches into that middle base where all the rockets were. I re did it. I wanted to check it out to see what the elite did but we can’t see it in theater mode

it happened to me to lucky the elite fell thru the map and died

I haven’t had that problem.