Broken Season Menu [MCC PC]

I tried to cancel a season unlock while it was unlocking and I got stuck on the season menu. The game took my point for the thing I tried to unlock without actually unlocking it. After exiting out of the game and reloading the season menu is now completely broken, showing “Season 99” and “99 Skill points” but no actual season unlocks in the list (see below for a screenshot)

Once I open the season menu, I can no longer close it and must restart the game

EDIT: None of my challenges are progressing anymore either

It seems that my game has fixed itself after a certain amount of time.

So I’m trying to access my season so I get new things for my Spartan and all that but I can’t because it says it’s offline anyone know how to fix that?

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This appears to be an issue at the moment. Until it’s raised as a known issue by 343 please makes sure and file a support ticket on the Halo Support site.
For the moment you can follow this topic for updates: